Hitman Hires Hitman Who Hires Hitman Who Hires Hitman Who Hires Hitman

Several hitmen hire each other to eliminate one person in Guangxi, China.

  • A man hired a hitman to kill his business competitor, but his plan didn’t work out.
  • The hitman hired another hitman to finish the job. He then hired a third hitman, who hired a hitman, who also hired a hitman for the same task. 
  • The murder plot crashed when the last hitman tried to convince the victim to fake his death. 

It all started in 2013, when Tan Youhui, a realtor from Nanning, wanted to kill his competitor, Wei, as 9GAG reports. At the time, Tan gave ¥2 million($282,000) to Xi Guangan to finish his enemy. He provided the hitman with valuable information about the victim, including a copy of his ID, his phone number, and his license plate numbers.

When Xi took the money, he decided to give half of them to another hitman – Mo Tianxiang. Xi told Mo the cash was for the task of killing Wei. Not only did he hired another hitman, but he also demanded another ¥1 million from Tan.

Although Tan agreed to give Xi another million, he said he would do it after the deed is done. 

In the meantime, Mo, the second hitman, hired another hitman – Yang Kangsheng. Yang was ordered to kill Wei and was given ¥270,000, with another ¥500,000 promised after he completes the task.

The hitman decided to trich the man who ordered the murder, so he hired another hitman to finish the job. Yang Guangsheng, the fourth killer, was given ¥200,000 at the beginning, and he was also promised an additional fee of ¥500,000 when Wei is dead.

And that’s not all! Yang Guangsheng hired another man named Ling Xiansi to eliminate the target. This time, the hitman was promised only ¥100,000 after he kills Wei. But this time, the hired killer tried to play everyone by contacting the victim and convincing him to fake his death.

However, Ling’s plan didn’t work. Wei immediately contacted the authorities and told them about the hitmen chain.

Credits: 9GAG

As a result, 6 men were charged for being involved in the murder plot. 

  • Tan Youhui received 5 years in prison.
  • Xi Guangan got 3 years and six months.
  • Yang Kangsheng and Yang Guangsheng both received 3 years and three months.
  • Mo Tianxiang got 3 years.
  • Ling Xiansi was the one with the shortest sentence – 2 years and seven months.

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