History teacher REMOVED from school after telling class Donald Trump was still president

A history teacher was dismissed after telling students her anti-vax beliefs and that Donald Trump was still a president. 

Anacapa Middle School in Ventura, California, has removed one of their history teachers after she tried to instill her political beliefs into the students’ minds. The incident took place during a history class of 8th graders, with one of them secretly recording the educator’s rant.

As Unilad reports, after reviewing the recording, the school board removed the teacher from the facility. However, they decided to keep her on as a district employee.

Following their decision, the mother of the child who documented the political tirade claimed the punishment was not enough.

According to CBS LA, Sarah Silikula had warned her son to film anything that made him feel uncomfortable in school. So, when he heard his history teacher trying to force her personal views onto her students, he pressed the record button.

The educator in question reportedly said:

Hunter Biden, for example, is doing deals with China and Ukraine where he was funneling in money illegally.”

Stating her opinion about the COVID-19 vaccines, she continued:

“If you have a baby at the hospital, they don’t want to give it back if you’re not vaccinated. This is a complete power control threat.”

Ms. Silikula said that after hearing his teacher’s rant, her son was “very upset.”

The mom explained:

“He got in the car and he was very upset. He announced, ‘I’m never getting vaccinated. I’m never getting any more shots of any kind.

Did you know Trump’s still president?'”


The concerned mother immediately showed the disturbing recording to the school district. Following the incident, the teacher has reportedly accepted responsibility for her behavior.

In an official statement to The Washington Post, superintendent Roger Rice said:

“[The district] does not condone the non-instructionally-related discussion that occurred in the classroom. The Ventura Unified School District will work closely with staff to ensure that this does not happen again.”

Nevertheless, the teacher remains an employee at the school.

Ms. Silikula, who claims her son has been left “damaged, hurt, and scared” after the history class, commented:

“Whatever anybody’s political belief is, I respect. It’s their belief. Don’t impose it on my child who I trusted in your care.”

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