Hilarious CCTV Clip Shows Woman’s Attempt To Steal A Chainsaw By Hiding It In Her Pants

A shockingly hilarious video shows a woman stuffing a whole chainsaw in her pants in an attempt of trying to steal it from the shop. 

No matter the reasons behind this unusual theft, the woman’s methods of trying to take off with a large chainsaw are ridiculous, to say the least.

CCTV captured her carelessly wielding the saw while in the aisle, trying different ways to hide it.

At one point she can be seen strolling down the aisle of what seems to be some kind of hardware store when she suddenly sees the chainsaw. She then takes it and goes on to stick it down her pants.

Upon realizing that it looks a little bit obvious, she then puts the chainsaw in its place and sets her bags down, to try another method.

This time she slides it down the back of her trousers, leaving people online stunned.

Redditors were left wondering why she chose this particular item, why she didn’t just put it in one of her bags, and why she was so obvious about stealing it when she surely must’ve known that there were cameras all over the place.

Many people were also surprised about how brave she actually is, with one person saying:

“She Milwaukeed right out the door with it. Crazy.”

Another commented:

“Damn that’s pretty smooth. If the camera hadn’t seen it, I bet no one would have.”

A third said:

“Tried to Stihl a chainsaw.”

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