He’s Gone But You’re Strong Enough To Get Over It

He would have stayed with you if he needed to! You should remember this!

It’s difficult to believe what happened but you should

It’s difficult to believe it but this is the harsh truth. And you have to face it and accept it. The sooner you do, the faster you could heal your wounds. You shouldn’t suffer all the time until you eventually understand what was clear from the very beginning.

He might have been a bad guy

There are thousands of probable reasons why this happened. It’s easier when you just call him a piece of shit– an egotistical man, only interested in his own persona. Someone who has used you to make another woman feel vulnerable. Someone who has used you in many other ways as well. A man who treated you badly broke you and made you suffer.

He was a good man, but you should accept what’s happened

But it’s much tougher when he’s a great person. Yet you have to let him go. You can see he isn’t able to decide what to do. That he feels doubtful about your relationship. Something he doesn’t, actually, understand is he’s really afraid of hurting you. He’s ‘confused’. And this is a first step towards the decision of finally splitting up with you.’He says to you that you’re an unbelievable woman, but he simply couldn’t give you what you expected of him. Yes, he might desire you physically but he thinks you’re not the right woman for him in life. Another reason to go is that he’s just not as emotional as you. And he needs to tell you the truth. If he needed your presence in his life, he wouldn’t have thought of leaving you. Never!

He’s gone, but you are strong

He is amazing, a mix between an angel and devil, but you should move on. The earlier the better. It doesn’t matter what the circumstances in the past were. Yes, he treated you well and you spent precious intimate moments together. You were getting on very well but he just decided to leave. And that’s his final word. You should try to accept the truth and to overcome it. You’ll see how relieved you feel when you make peace with your past. When you realize the fact that he ended your relationship, no matter how many times you talked about staying together. Sometimes the truth is ugly. But this should make you even stronger. You shouldn’t feel desperate because it all came to an end. Remember – every ending opens a door to a new beginning.

Accept your feelings

You should accept your own feelings for him and get over them. How naive you were. How much you loved him and maybe you still do because you can feel him in your blood even now when you aren’t together. No matter you too were afraid of serious commitment, you were ready to do it. Because of him and because of you. You wanted to be with him and you did. The decision was clear and firm. And it was more than a reasonable decision, it was the voice of your soul.

Don’t search for reasons

You might be searching for different reasons that could explain his decision. He needed more time or space, or he was just afraid of a serious relationship. He might be building walls that he wanted you to knock down. But this is your perspective of the situation. Not the truth!

He’s really gone

He can see how tough it is for you to feel all those things but prefer not to be together after all? This is the reason why you are desperate. He just wasn’t into you the same way you were into him. He didn’t have that same confidence in his feelings as you. And you can’t change that. What you can do is take care of yourself, because there’s nothing you did wrong. It’s just it wasn’t meant to be. His heart didn’t love you the same way your heart loved him. And that is very, very painful. But you have to accept it and get over it.

It’s hard, but you’ll get over it

Maybe you’ll need weeks or even months to go through this. Or more. In the beginning, it might burn you from the inside. There could be days when you are so down that you don’t want to go out or see anyone. But remember every cloud has a silver lining: you let your heart get broken this one time – but you’ll know how to preserve it and keep it safe in the future. You should know that you are worth enough to walk away from a person and a relationship that is not for you. And it’s not your fault. If he wanted to be with you, he would have.

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