The Underappreciated Heroes Of This Crisis Need Our Gratitude And Support

Gratitude is often only implied instead of openly expressed; a smiling nod, a pat on the shoulder.

But in desperate times such as these it simply isn’t enough.

And this is a sincere thank you from all of us, to those who are currently on the forefront of the fight against the virus that has caused the death and suffering of so many around the world.

Thank you to the food market workers who are doing everything they can to keep they work areas clean while providing service to the vulnerable and distressed.

In some places, you are now being referred to as emergency workers- and rightfully so.

Thank you to all the hospital workers, who are working tirelessly day and night with minimal resources.

You lack the staff numbers, equipment, sanitary products, and protective gear and are risking your lives for the benefit of the people. Heavily infected people in critical conditions are entering your hospitals and yet you bravely keep on going despite all the risks involved. Also, thank you to all the managers, administrators, coordinators, and security workers. Without you nothing would function the way it should.

Thank you to the cleaners who work around the clock to sanitize every functioning facility out there.

Your help is immensely valued as if it wasn’t for your work, who knows how many more severe cases we would all have on our hands right now. You are on the frontlines in this war against the invisible enemy that has been terrorizing our world for months on end.

Thank you to all the people who make sure that food and other goods are delivered safely to the quarantined population,

to all the truck drivers and bus drivers who are now functioning as the veins of the planet. Without you we would all be doomed.

Gratitude is crucial, but it is not enough.

If these thank yous are to have true value, they should lead to a complete revaluation about who the most important people in our society really are. We should not have needed a crisis to show us that even the most poorly paid and ill treated workers are invaluable to our survival.

Let us all express our gratitude, and start treating every member of society with the same level of dignity and respect. And when the crisis comes to an end we should all fight alongside them to increase their wages and the quality of their lives, because they deserve so much more than they are currently receiving.

If you would like to express your gratitude to all the brave and hardworking members of the public who are on the forefront of this crisis, please share this article with your friends and family.

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