A Hero Dog Saves Owner From The Deadly Bite Of A Rattlesnake

Dogs are known to be a man’s best friend because they are lovable, protecting and faithful animals. 

One more proof of a dog’s unconditional love to people was reported recently when a puupy put its life at risk to save his owner from a rattlesnake.

Paula Godwin from Arizona went on a hike on June 29th accompanied by her six-month-old golden retriever Todd.

They were enjoying their walk when Paula almost stepped on a rattlesnake she hadn’t even noticed.

However, at the sublime moment, her faithful friend Todd jumped in front of her leg and received the venomous bite instead of Paula. As a consequence, Todd’s face got injected with the poison and quickly swelled up.

Paula was so thankful to her fluffy friend so she posted details about what happened with him on Facebook, and added photographs of Todd’s swollen face. Here are her comments:

“So this morning was up bright and early to go on a hike on 7 th street carefree. It was a beautiful morning but as we were walking down the hill I literally almost stepped on a rattlesnake. But my hero of a puppy Todd saved me. He jumped right in front of my leg were I surely would have got bit.”

“Please say a little prayer for my sweet hero,” added Ms Godwin.

After getting bitten Paula’s furry friend was struggling to overcome severe pain, so she brought him to an animal hospital located near the area where the incident happened with her other dog Copper.

While the little hero was undergoing treatment with antivenom his story went all over the internet and triggered the emotional support of many people

Paula explained that she just couldn’t notice the snake on the road she was walking on.

According to her, the snake did not give any signs of its presence as it was staying quiet not making any specific sounds. What is more, it was a grey speckled white rattlesnake that looked just like the road.

Luckily, the story had a happy ending as Todd recovered successfully. But
Paula decided that was not enough for her and initiated a GoFundMe appeal aiming to support other pet owners who cannot afford to pay the bills of their dogs that had also suffered a rattlesnake bite.

Credit: BBC

VAnd this is not the only good news. To honor him for his bravery and love to people Todd was awarded the first Milk-Bone Dog of the Year Honor award.

Below is what Paula said about Todd and her fundraising projects at the Streamy Awards:

“We are ecstatic because this is the first-ever Milk-Bone honor, so everyone is going to remember Todd the Hero Dog. When he got bit, we were able to start a fundraiser to help other pets — raising money for dogs who can’t afford anti-venom.”

She reminded the fact that many people just could not afford to pay $500 for antivenom which would result in their pets dying. She also shared with the audience that she owned one more golden retriever called Copper, named after Copper and Todd from Fox and the Hound. And said that what happened to Todd was a big highlight for them.

After reading this story, all of us, more than ever should be realizing that there is no other animal as loyal and as self-sacrificing like a dog. Hopefully, Ms. Godwin’s campaign will help countless other brave fluffy friends to live a happy life and protect their owners for many long years ahead. Eventually, instead of final words, we would like to share with all our readers a very emotional part of Dean Koontz’s A Big Little Life: A Memoir of a Joyful Dog which perfectly describes what amazing creatures dogs really are:

When you have dogs, you witness their uncomplaining acceptance of suffering, their bright desire to make the most of life in spite of the limitations of age and disease, their calm awareness of the approaching end when their final hours come. They accept death with a grace that I hope I will one day be brave enough to muster. 

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