Here’s The Truth… We Have Lost Our Moral Compass As A Society

Nowadays, I often find myself thinking that our society is on its way to becoming an insufferable environment for all of us.

We aren’t as social and kind to each other and as we once used to be. And, of course, some people are, but what I’m referring to is the big picture.

We have forgotten the importance of true bonding and we’ve lost the key values that we held so dear in the past: Honesty, integrity, solidarity… and most importantly – love. We have forgotten what love truly stands for.

With each decade, we are becoming more selfish and emotionless. Back in the days, people did everything possible to make their marriages work and divorce was the absolute last resort. They were more strong-minded and brave and they fought hard for the things that mattered to them.

And these days, we’ve started divorcing each other as soon as we experience difficulties in our marriages instead of talking it through and practicing forgiveness.

We’ve started becoming weak-minded and we often choose to look for a new partner at the first sight of trouble in our marriage. And that is why our grandparents lasted for so many years together. Because when they faced troubling times, they did not ignore the problems but rather worked on them until they found a solution instead of running and hiding from them.

We need to work on changing this and bring back our old values. 

Life will always be hard and challenging, but the great thing is that it is up to us to make it beautiful and worth living… if we are prepared to do all the work necessary.

Because true love is always worth the fight!

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