Here Is How A Luxury Hotel Is Helping Animals In Need, Setting An Example Everyone Should Follow

Supermarkets, restaurants, and hotels are supposed to throw away leftover food after each day, according to the rules.

This is needed in order to reduce the likelihood of food poisoning and other nasty incidents that may come up from keeping leftovers for days.

Although this is a solid reason, it is sad to think of perfectly good food being thrown in the bin. Many people have proposed for these establishments to start doing something useful with the unwanted food.

Posted by The Doggy Bag Initiative UAE on Saturday, November 9, 2019

Chef J Gourmet, who works at the 5-star Fairmont Hotel in Abu Dhabi decided to take matters into his own hands and do something positive about the situation.

He gathered the unwanted food from the hotel and donated it to animal shelters, which they decided to call the ‘Doggy Bag Initiative.’

“We want more hotels and restaurants to join us in the fight against throwing away leftovers so that they don’t become rubbish but food for other creatures,” chef Gourmet said.

Posted by The Doggy Bag Initiative UAE on Friday, July 12, 2019

He said that they made a careful decision for what they would be giving to the shelters. Sweets, sauces, spices, and cheese are not allowed for the sake of the animals’ health. They only send meat, fish, rice, vegetables, and bread.

And dogs certainly loved the leftovers the hotel collected for them after Friday’s brunch.

Posted by The Doggy Bag Initiative UAE on Friday, July 12, 2019

The hotel has decided to keep its mission alive and feed the animals but they also asked others to join with them in order to help as many strays in need as possible.

A report by the Boston Consulting Group has concluded that the amount of food thrown away each year will increase by a third in 10 years. Their estimates suggest that 2.1 billion tonnes of food will go to waste or be lost. This equates to 66 tonnes of food a second.

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