Hello, Spring! 5 great reasons to be happy spring is finally here

The winds of March have finally brought spring back to us.

This magical season gives us the sensation of awakening, revitalizing, and rejuvenating like no other. The dazzling tulips and daffodils are gracefully blooming. The sweet cherries and strawberries are adding that special flavor to our mom’s Sunday pies. Everything around us seems like a beautiful poem.

Isn’t there something magical about the way the days are slowly getting longer than the nights? When all the snow melts and the winter cold remains just a memory, we feel that spring has finally arrived at our doorsteps. Don’t get this the wrong way, winter is a lovely season too. After all, if we had no winter, the arrival of the spring wouldn’t be so alluring.

Here are a few wonderful reasons why we should be happy spring is finally here.

1. There is much more daylight.

As we listen to the cheering songs of the birds in springtime, we get to see a lot more of the beautiful daylight too. In spring, the nights are gradually getting shorter, which gives us more light hours to get things done. One of the greatest things about it is that when you wake up to go to work, the sun is already shining bright, and your body knows the new day has begun. This gives you a little drive to be more productive and to actually enjoy your job. Those extra hours of sunlight can be an absolute mood-booster.

2. You can enjoy being outdoors again.

Spring comes with clear skies, tons of sunlight, and warmer temperatures. While the winter wonderland is amazing to look at, sometimes it can be too darn freezing outside to truly appreciate its beauty. On the contrary, springtime gives us excellent weather to go outside and have a nice walk or meet up with friends under the stars. What’s more, outdoor workouts are possible again! For those who would enjoy a run in the park much more than the treadmill at the gym, spring is just the perfect time to do it.

3. Springtime boosts your creativity.

The warmer weather and the longer days are definitely great mood-boosters. However, our mood is not the only thing springtime affects. Spring gives us the opportunity to spend more time outside, which automatically recharges our batteries and upraises our creativity. Being outdoors gives us the chance to observe the blooming nature around us, which oftentimes promotes tons of visionary and creative thoughts.

4. Flowers are literally everywhere.

When the winter snow melts away, it’s finally time for the gorgeous spring flowers to bloom. Perhaps, there is not a single person in this world whose soul doesn’t spark a little bit seeing a field of tulips, or a beautifully arranged bouquet of freshly picked hyacinths. Moreover, flowers get their way into everything else too. In springtime, the delicate floral patterns take over our clothes, our accessories, our home decoration, and basically everything with a surface that can be fully covered in flowers. And the greatest thing is, even if the floral motives go out of style in the summer, they will surely be back the next spring.

5. Spring makes you healthier.

The sunlight we all love so much does a lot more than making us feel happier and boosting our productiveness. It also triggers our bodies to naturally produce vitamin D, which keeps our bones and our teeth strong. What’s more, vitamin D also supports our immune system, our brain workflow, and our insulin levels, which is essential for diabetes management. Only a few minutes of exposure to sunlight is enough for us to naturally get a proper daily dose of our vitamins.

How do you feel about this wonderful transition between seasons this time of the year? We would love to hear from you in the comment section!

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