Hearts Are Melting: A Little Boy Wrote A Letter Offering To Walk His Neighbors’ Pup “After The Virus”

A little boy named Troy who is currently in fourth-grade at school has written a touching letter to his neighbor about their dog, Arthur, a sweet little golden retriever.

In the letter, Troy offers to help with babysitting Arthur and take him out for walks after the coronavirus situation comes to an end.

“Hello neighbours, My name is Troy. I’m in 4th grade and I’m just wondering if maybe after this virus you need a dog sitter and if so I can take your dogs on walks and more,” Troy wrote in the letter.

The letter was later shared on Arthur’s (yes, the dog is apparently active on social media :)) personal Instagram page accompanied by a caption that read: 

“I made friends with a small hooman today. He’s like basically me-sized. I bet I can get him to give me more treats than my hoomans”.

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Guess who’s meeting Troy today!!!! 😇

A post shared by Arthur the Golden Boy 🐶 (@arthurthefloof) on

And the two new buddies eventually met:

“Just a quick pupdate – me and the smol neighbor had a really great (socially distant) play date today. Because he’s so smol we didn’t take any pics just for privacy purposes but he told me all about his dog fren and even showed me some dance moves!! I have a feeling we’re gonna be best buds!!”

How sweet is that?

Here are some more adorable photos of Arthur the jolly pup:

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I heckin love cheese.

A post shared by Arthur the Golden Boy 🐶 (@arthurthefloof) on

To see more of Arthur check out his Instagram page.

What are your thoughts on this adorable new friendship? Let us know by joining the conversation in the comments and please share this article to spread the joy to your friends and family.

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