Heartbreaking Video Shows Sleeping Homeless Man Attacked With Fireworks By Giggling Man

New York, US: Last weekend, a sleeping homeless man was attacked with fireworks which badly burned his back. 

NYPD Chief of Detectives Rodney Harrison posted the following:

“Earlier yesterday morning, a homeless male was sleeping on the sidewalk in front of 67 Lenox Avenue, in the confines of the 28 pct, when he was attacked” “The male pictured above threw a lit firework on him, which exploded causing burns to the victims back.”

The man who was recorded giggling after purposefully throwing the fireworks at the 66-year-old homeless man has still not been arrested, as per CBS New York. 

Two or more people appear to be watching on and recording the crime.

The Sergeants Benevolent Association (SBA) made a Twitter post criticizing bystanders for not stepping in to help the victim.

“Homeless man literally set on fire last night on the streets in Brooklyn,” 

“Take a close look NOT one person can be seen defending this victim.”

“Not one person seemed to care no protesters to condemn no news media to tell the story,” the post read.

Locals from the area have voiced their concerns too.

“When you see something disgusting like that, knowing what’s going on right now, that’s crazy,” said Tyreke Cole of Harlem, according to CBS New York.

“Tyreke and his brother Tyquan told Grymes crimes like this one take away from the ongoing Black Lives Matter protests against racism and police brutality,” the report said.

“It’s like, what did we go out there and protest for if we came back here and did this to each other?”  Tyquan said.

“When you’re tearing down your own people, it’s like, what example are you setting?,” he added.

In response to the incident, NY Mayor Bill de Blasio pledged to crack down on the use of fireworks.

In the midst of the rise in violent crime during the recent protests and riots sweeping the country that has authorities warning of a “storm on the horizon,” the mayor announced last Tuesday that he plans on creating an “illegal fireworks task force,” which according to Buzzfeed News will

“involve over 40 law enforcement officers conducting undercover buys and sting operations that target people selling fireworks in the city.”

De Blasio made the decision shortly after protesters arrived outside of his property demanding change.

Last Wednesday, Chief Harrison made a post about a 3-year-old boy who was hurt by fireworks inside of his home.  

“The victim was in a bedroom looking out of the window at the fireworks,” Harrison said, “when one of the shells entered the window striking him.”

“The shell blew apart causing a laceration to the left bicep requiring stitches and 1st & 2nd degree burns,” he added.

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