Heartbreaking Video Shows Seal Forced To Tow Children In Boat With Rope Around Its Neck

What follows is the moment a seal finds itself having to tow kids around in a boat with a rope tied to its neck at a Belgian animal park. 

Two of the animals were captured on video swimming at the Mont Mosan animal park in Liege.

As they come up around the corner, one of them swims with a blue ring around its neck.

A rope is also tied to the ring that pulls a small boat filled with kids through the water.

According to animal rights groups, the creatures only perform stunts in order to receive food.

Belgique : Des otaries tractant des enfants dans l’eau, les pratiques d’un parc animalier dénoncéesLe directeur du…

Posted by C'est assez on Thursday, August 13, 2020

The video was made public by Aaron Copette who is part of animal rights group ‘C’est assez’ (‘That’s enough’) on Facebook.

The organization fights against water creatures in captivity.

The footage has so far amassed almost half a million views, with thousands of angered people discussing the situation.

Aaron Copette said:

“I find it horrible what we are still doing to animals in 2020. All to entertain people and for money.”

He noted that animal rights groups are

“doing everything they can to educate people who go to this kind of park and to make them understand that it is wrong.

Even if the owner of the park says he does not abuse or lock up the animals, or force them to do shows, it is still a form of abuse.”

Aaron urged the park to free the animals and return them to their natural habitat.

‘My goal is to denounce them so that people become aware of the plight of animals’, he said.

You can see the heartbreaking video by clicking below.

👉 MàJ : Mous vous remercions de rester courtois lorsqu’il s’agit d’interpeller un parc. Nous ne cautionnons pas les activités de ce parc mais nous ne cautionnons pas non plus la violence verbale, contraire à nos valeurs. ⚠️ APPEL À L’ACTION ⚠️ Cette vidéo filmée au parc Mont Mosan (Belgique) montre des otaries tractant des enfants sur un bateau, dont une attachée par le cou. Si vous aussi, vous êtes indignés par ces pratiques d’un autre âge, nous vous invitons à le faire savoir sur la page Facebook du parc ⬇️ https://www.facebook.com/MontMosan/ou en leur envoyant un e-mail 📩 ⬇️[email protected] 📝 Nous vous proposons un message type à adapter si vous le souhaitez 📝« Je suis profondément déçu(e) et choqué(e) d’être témoin d’une attraction impliquant des otaries tractant des enfants. Je vous demande de cesser au plus vite ce genre d’activités qui participe encore un peu plus au mal-être d’un animal captif. Les otaries sont des êtres sensibles et n’ont pas à être attachées par le cou pour tracter des enfants ! »Crédit 🎥 : Aaron Copette #sealion #otarie #captivitysucks #captivité #belgique #montmason #belgium #cestassez

Posted by C'est assez on Friday, August 7, 2020

According to Belgian media outlet Sudinfo the footage has been circulating around the web since August 9. 

This reportedly led to an increased level of hate towards the park and its boss.

Christine Grandjean, 68, founder of ‘C’est assez’, said that even though ‘you can’t treat animals like that’, the organization was against the park owner receiving threats.

According to her, the group has

“amended our Facebook post to ask people to be more moderate when contacting him”.

She went on saying:

“We don’t think he is intentionally harming the animals. Even though we have received reports that the park is insalubrious.

We understand that the seals do it voluntarily, slipping into the rope lasso and pulling the boat around.

But they wouldn’t do it if it weren’t for the fish they are given as a reward. These are animals that belong in the wild. They should not be used as entertainment by people.”

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Source: Daily Mail

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