Hairdresser’s experiment shows why you should stop buying cheap products

A shocking hairdresser experiment reveals why we should invest a little extra money in hair care products. 

Spending a fortune on special shampoos, masks, and conditioners is quite unpleasant, especially after you have just given a third of your monthly salary for a brand new haircut. However, one expert did a little experiment to prove that professional hair care products are worth the extra dollars.

Credits: Rachel Trach/Facebook

Hairdresser Rachel Trach posted a video on Facebook showing the difference between a professional and a drug store shampoo. In her experiment, Rachel used Unite 7 Seconds Shampoo, which costs around $25, and Tresemmé’s 24 Hour Body Shampoo, which is a little less than $7.

“Did my own little experiment. Professional Salon Product VS. Drug store product.”

In two cups of water, the hairdresser adds a squeeze of the shampoos to each. She then mixes them with a spoon and adds previously purple-dyed hair extensions to the mixtures. While the water with the Unite shampoo turns foggy grey, the Tresemmé’s mixture turns vibrant purple.

Credits: Rachel Trach/Facebook

Since the video was posted, it went viral with around 17,000 comments and 78,000 shares, Mirror notes.

Social media users were shocked to see the evident difference between the two shampoos. Although the drug store one says “Used by professionals” on the bottle, it washed away much of the hair extension’s color. On the contrary, the professional product protected the hair and did not affect its color.

Some of the commenters agreed that professional shampoos and conditioners are a must. However, others claimed that the affordable products they have been using for years never caused any problems. Defending the less expensive brand, one person wrote: “I use Tresemmé regularly and it never looks like that nor brings any color out of my hair.”

Another commented: “I have used Tresemmé a lot and never my color faded like that!!!”

Credits: Rachel Trach/Facebook

Do you prefer to buy professional or affordable hair care products? Leave a comment to let us know!

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