7 Habits to Make You Rich

7 Habits to Make You Rich

Who doesn’t want to acquire great wealth?  Is it even possible without a windfall inheritance? Absolutely.  But millionaire wealth is seldom garnered working for someone else. Instead, adopt these 7 common habits of successful entrepreneurs to create your own fabulous abundance.
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Be driven by your own personal ideas, brand, imperatives and beliefs.

   Whatever the product, solution or creative expression, the process to reach goals requires data collection.  Along with that data is the white noise of other’s’ input, opinions on what will and won’t work, or why or how.  High achievers cull effectively, and gather only what is useful.

Create New Options

   Most people look at what exists and select one choice over another. Successful entrepreneurs recognize a better, more ideal solution, and create it.

Stretch the Landscapes

   Driven to succeed,  achievers find that current rules and playing fields, and win/lose outcomes are  tedious. The “norm” seldom accommodates great success.  Inventive high performers create new arenas. They  win or lose on their own terms.
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Maintain Personal Discipline

  Compelled to do what they love, highly successful entrepreneurs spirit through mundane tasks mindful of the inherent value. Their goals and dreams inform every action. Each day is met with the excitement  of following their bliss. They never give up.

Admire and Share Success

  Accomplished creators appreciate the leadership of others who inspire and validate creativity. They understand the value of everyone who contributes, and practice working as a team rather than a hierarchy. They know there’s more than enough wealth to share, and applaud the success of others. They practice gratitude. Consider recent news at the Chobani yogurt company.

Establish an Achievement Mindset

  Triumphant success is not a final destination. Reaching a goal or milestone is the place to establish the next goal.  Achievement begets new targets for achievement,  from an almost joyful inner restlessness. There is no status quo. New skills are the base for securing more new skills.
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When asked of a favorite or best piece, every successful poet, painter and musician I know  replies, “The next one.”

Be Resolute

  Great wealth results from a willingness to stand alone, to ask,  “Why NOT me?”,  to start a movement of one,  to take risks that expose vulnerability and require courage. Success comes from a willingness to accept consequences along with responsibility. There’s is no blame to spread in the face of failure, no whining, rather, tenacity and humility.  

If you find yourself nodding at each habit and practice, be the next star that can’t stop shining.  And keep us posted….we cheer you along to manifest those dreams.

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