Guy gets a fake number but ends up going on an actual date with the girl the number belonged to

Have you ever wondered what happened to the guy you gave a fake number to? Did the number you gave belong to an actual person, did they call, did you make a mistake not giving them your real number? Well, sometimes, receiving the wrong number might turn out to be much better than expected.

The main character of this story is Mike, who recently experienced the pitiful fate of many guys fighting for the attention of a beautiful girl.

Since everyone is responsible enough to follow the lockdown restrictions and stay home amid the pandemic, dates are now taking place online. Mike went on a virtual date with a girl he just met, but apparently, she wasn’t as interested in him. So, she gave him a fake number, oblivious to the tremendous favor she was actually doing him.

The usually New-York-based actor and singer Codie Higer is currently self-isolated with her family in Cleveland, Ohio. She was also the real owner of the fake number Mike was given by his cyber date. That’s how the romance between Mike and Codie began.

Higer was quick to let Mike know he had the wrong number, but instead of awkwardly ending the conversation, they actually went on a date!

Thanks to Codie, we are all able to follow the sweetest quarantine love story. She posted a Twitter thread, sharing their whole conversation.

It all started with a text from Mike, who had no idea it wasn’t his online date he was reaching out to. Luckily, Codie was considerate enough and did her best to tell him he got the wrong number in the kindest way possible.

Image credits: Codie Higer

Maybe it was Codie’s thoughtfulness, maybe it was the delicious-looking cake, but the singer was truly sympathetic to Mike’s situation. After all, he was just fooled into thinking he had a chance with that other girl he was obviously interested in, as he made the effort to text her.

Image credits: Codie Higer

Thankfully, fate was on Mike’s side this time! The fake number belonged to a gorgeous, single girl, who happened to be currently quarantining in the same city as him.

And even if he was a little heartbroken by the other girl’s ignorance, he couldn’t miss the opportunity to get to know Codie. After they cleared what actually happened, Mike decided to share a few details about himself. What’s interesting is that he still had no idea who he was talking to. Maybe he just wanted to give it a shot, what could he lose. But how about all that he could win from this bizarre situation?!

Image credits: Codie Higer

Codie found his boldness hitting on a fake number to be absolutely hilarious. Before she even shared her name, she asked Mike if he’s really trying to hit on a stranger. To this, his short but painfully genuine response was:

“Listen, times are hard.”

Times truly are hard. We all crave a little human connection while we’re being closed between the walls of our homes. Higer was charmed by Mike’s honesty and played along, sharing some details about herself too. Their conversation went unexpectedly great, and they decided to take it to FaceTime.

But first, they needed to exchange pictures to get familiar at least with what the person on the other side of the phone looked like.

Codie shared her mystery date was “pretty cute and tbh on par for my type”. And as sweet as this is, Mike’s reaction to seeing her was overly adorable! He thought she was so beautiful she might be catfishing him. But this time it was real!

Since both of them liked each other, even though the circumstances they were in were kind of crazy, it was finally time for their first online date. And as you may already suggest, it went good enough to lead to a second one. Codie shared everything – from the preparation she made before the date, to the way things turned out.

In a follow-up tweet, she excitingly wrote that their first date was ‘fun’, and they are planning a second one soon.

She also shares she was recently dumped, so Mike got the wrong number at the right time! Things lined up freakishly amazing for the fresh couple. In an interview with Elite Daily, Codie said:

“We acknowledged how bizarre the situation was and talked about movies, books, and each other’s careers. He was very curious about my life in NYC and what it’s like to be an auditioning actor and I asked him about the difficulties of being a teacher right now. We have a surprising amount in common! As far as I can tell, there was chemistry — we made each other laugh a lot, which is always a great sign.”

Mike and Codie’s story is a real-life modern romance. It would be a lovely tale to tell to their kids one day if their online affair levels up and turns into a real relationship.

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