Guess What A Police Officer Allegedly Found In His Starbucks Coffee…

A policeman claims to have found a large tampon swimming inside his Starbucks frappuccino in what is being referred to as a “disgusting assault” on law enforcement – but many people on the web are calling it fake. 

Bill Melugin at Fox News was the first one to share the picture on his Twitter page, writing:

“Sources tell me an off duty [Los Angeles Police Department] officer allegedly found a tampon halfway thru [sic] his Frappuccino at a Starbucks in Diamond Bar on Friday” 

According to him, the officer believes his beverage was spiked with the tampon because he used his police credit union debit card. 

The story comes as protests and riots against police brutality rage across the world, following the senseless death of George Floyd at the hands of the police.

The New York Post reported that the LAPD union is calling the tampon case a “disgusting assault”.

“[This was] carried out by someone with hatred in their heart and who lacks human decency. We hope they are publicly exposed, fired, arrested, and prosecuted for their cowardly and repugnant actions.”

However, people on social media are divided on the incident, with some claiming that there is no way that the object on the photo was a tampon, while others are saying that it was done out of sheer hatred towards police.

Twitter user Dario Martinez wrote:

“[I don’t know] about other baristas but 1. In no f**king way do I know wtf a “police credit union” debit card looks like, [and] 2. In no f**king way do baristas have time to casually have tampons on hand during the 30 seconds it takes to make a frappuccino” 

Another person said:

“I support my police. Leftist are capable of doing anything to harm the who are not their side.

To which someone replied:

“I get it, you’ve probably never seen a used tampon before. I can tell you from first hand experience that this is not a tampon. If tampons looked like that, they’d be taken off the market out of danger to what’s being left behind. You are way too gullible.”

And another person wrote:

“Absolutely SICK & CRIMINAL! I am sorry for the Officer, but this could cause him severe sickness and may be death..
Get that witch who did it and prosecute her for attempted murder! Shut that Starbucks store down. They are promoting this behavior!”

Many other comments also support the theory that this was not actually a tampon, but it’s still too early to tell.

The New York Post reported LA Sheriffs looked at the CCTV from the store. 

This particular Starbucks cafe is reportedly located inside a Target department store. In an update released later on by Melguin on his Twitter page, he says a Target spokesperson has reviewed the recording and has “not found any suspicious behavior.”

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