Groom’s Mother Tried To Poison Bride With Cake, Wedding Planner Says

A groom’s mother has allegedly tried to poison her son’s bride, according to a wedding planner/TikToker named Callie. 

In a clip captioned “Mistake or Sabotage”, Callie talks about the time she was working at a wedding where everything was going according to plan until she noticed a pastry shop delivery, even though the wedding cake had already been served.

Callie had not listed a second cake on her paperwork, but the groom’s mom told her she had ordered some more cakes just in case there wasn’t enough to go around. After the newlyweds had cut their cake, the groom’s mother apparently told the bride she should try one of the cupcakes.

And just as the bride was about to take a bite out of one of the cakes, her husband stopped her and told his mother that his wife has a coconut allergy – a little detail the mother is said to have been aware of when she made the order.

Callie revealed that the bride has a potentially lethal allergy to coconut, and after realizing what she was about to ingest, the wife is said to have looked terrified.

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The groom’s mother, on the other hand, apparently carried herself as if she didn’t have a single care in the world, Callie said. 

Understandably, the groom was unhappy about the turn of events and threw the cupcake to the floor before yelling at his mother, saying:

“You are a terrible person, you have never been supportive of this relationship, this is a new low even for you, you could have sent her to the hospital, she literally could have gone into anaphylactic shock.”

But despite all of this, Callie said the mother kept her cool and even turned to her son and said:

“Accidents happen every day dear.”

Part 2


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♬ original sound – Callie

Callie said the mother left the wedding a little later and described her as “110% a sociopath.”

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