Greed And Stupidity of Humans Make Them The Greatest Threat To Earth according to Stephen Hawking

The extraordinary physicist has warned humanity many times that we are putting ourselves in danger every day. But are we going to listen?

Stephen Hawking’s words will be accurate long after he had left this world.

In 2016, during an interview on Larry King Now, Hawking said that human greed and stupidity play a huge role in threatening our planet, just as pollution does. One of the most brilliant minds of the universe was certain that pollution itself was not the only thing putting our world in danger. As USA Today quotes, he explained:

“We certainly have not become less greedy or less stupid. The population has grown by half a billion since our last meeting, with no end in sight. At this rate, it will be eleven billion by 2100.”

By “our last meeting” Hawking refers to the previous time he was invited to the Larry King’s show. The period between the two interviews was six years. The theoretical physicist emphasized that in those six years, humanity has not made any significant improvements. He said:

“Air pollution has increased over the past five years. More than 80% of inhabitants of urban areas are exposed to unsafe levels of air pollution.”

According to Stephen Hawking, the biggest problem in the world is climate change.

The brilliant mind even shared that he wonders if we are past the point of no return.

“Will we be too late to avoid dangerous levels of global warming?”

Throughout his life, Stephen Hawking has earned the right to be a trustworthy source of valuable knowledge. He was not only an ingenious theoretical physicist but also an outstanding cosmologist and an admirable mathematician. Therefore, the least we can do to honor this remarkable man is to listen to his alarming predictions.

What do you think of Stephen Hawking’s warnings about our future? Let us know in the comment section!

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