Grateful Pup Cannot Stop Cuddling The Woman Who Rescued Him

Just like people, pets have feelings too. Many people try to deny that fact, but it is true. Animals know what love is and they can feel when someone loves and cares for them. Hence, they love them back.

And this is exactly the case with a Pitbull named Russ, who got adopted from a shelter.

Image Credit: Kayla Filoon/Facebook

Kayla Filoon was a student at Temple University who was working part-time as a volunteer for a local animal shelter when she met Russ for the first time. 

Image Credit: Kayla Filoon/Facebook

The poor baby was struggling with a number of health conditions.

Image Credit: Kayla Filoon/Facebook

He had kennel cough, an eye infection, irritated and itchy skin, and a bleeding tail on top of everything.

Image Credit: Kayla Filoon/Facebook

But despite his health issues Kayla wanted to care for Russ.

Image Credit: Kayla Filoon/Facebook

Furthermore, those were some of the reasons why she felt she just had to do something to help. 

And THIS right here people is why you should adopt!!! My niece and her newly adopted ACCT Philly dog of less than 2…

Posted by Jamie Holt on Monday, February 6, 2017

She saw how afraid and quiet he was, and she came to the realization that he was destined to become family. 

Image Credit: Kayla Filoon/Facebook

In the following week, Kayla visited the pup again and even took him along for a drive.

Image Credit: Kayla Filoon/Facebook

And ever since that day, they formed an indestructible bond. She rescued the sweet baby, and now he just can’t get enough cuddles from her. 

You can follow Russ’ journey by clicking HERE.

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