Grandmother And Complete Stranger Are About To Spend Their Sixth Thanksgiving Together After Accidental Text From Years Ago

It’s like a story out of a Christmas holiday movie!

An elderly woman is about to spend her sixth Thanksgiving with a boy who was once a stranger but she invited him over by accident via text back in 2016.

Arizona grandma Wanda Dench, 64, and Jamal Hinton, 21, were first introduced in 2016 when she accidentally texted him thinking she was sending a message to her own grandson.

Unsure of what to do, Jamal, who was still a teen at the time, asked for a photo to find out if the text had come from his own grandma. And when he was sent a photo of a woman with blonde hair and glasses, he immediately knew that this couldn’t have been the case.

However, Jamal decided to try and make the best out of the situation, writing:

“[You’re] not my grandma [laughing emoji] Can I still get a plate tho [sic]?”

Wanda texted back:

“Of course you can. That’s what grandma’s [sic] do… feed everyone [cake emoji]”.

Eventually, Jamal decided to share the conversation with the web, and needless to say, it quickly went viral.

The two had such a good time together and their Thanksgiving get-togethers are still going strong with Jamal now being 21 years of age.

Recently, Jamal even took to social media once again to confirm he was looking forward to spending his sixth Thanksgiving with her.

He posted a screenshot of his chat with Wanda, who said she would be delighted if he and his family would also join them and “share good food and great conversation’” before signing off with:

“Your friend always, Wanda”.

Jamal joyfully agreed, writing on Twitter:

“We are all set for year 6!”

Their wonderful story of friendship has warmed the hearts of many people online, with one person even saying that this is their “favourite Thanksgiving tradition”.

Another person wrote:

“This is one of my favorite [sic] things every single year”.

Unfortunately, Wanda’s husband, Lonnie, has passed away and cannot join the celebrations, but hopefully, Wanda and Jamal will remain friends for life.

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