Elderly Man Declared Dead, Found Alive Days After Funeral

Moscow, Russia: A 79-year-old man who had been declared dead was found alive after his funeral, according to his granddaughter.

Grigory Vasilyev was placed in a Moscow region hospital with limb impairment and slurred speech, where doctors diagnosed him with a stroke on May 12. The Solnechnogorsk district hospital informed the family of his passing less than a week later.

His granddaughter, Varvara Korchashkina, said:

“When my mom, dad and brother saw the body, they all said it wasn’t him. The pathologist began to show tags and documents where it was written that it was Grigory Mikhailovich Vasilyev, and explained that a person changes very much after death, stroke and trepanation of the skull during autopsy.”

Image: Varvara Korchashkina

The family said their final goodbyes on May 19. However, it was someone else’s body they buried.

Grigory Vasilyev’s death certificate. Image: Varvara Korchashkina
A recalling of Grigory Vasilyev’s death. Image: Varvara Korchashkina

Varvara said that the friends and family at the funeral “were also surprised that he did not look like” the actual Grigory.

Image: Varvara Korchashkina

And to everyone’s shock, a couple of days later, the hospital called the family to let them know that the real Grigory had recovered and was ready to go home. 

Image: Varvara Korchashkina

Korchashkina said she was told a nurse forgot to report that she had swapped places between her grandfather and another patient from the same ward.

She added:

“When the man died, he died on my grandfather’s bed.”

Image: Varvara Korchashkina

Grigory’s family is currently in the process of moving him from the Solnechnogorsk hospital to a rehabilitation center.

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