Good looks alone do not make you attractive: There’s much more to it…

We live in a world where many like to think that attractiveness is all about having good looks and a cool taste for fashion.

However, being attractive is, in fact, more than just having a toned body, a beautiful face, and nice clothes.

Being attractive is about character traits that instantly draw people close to you. It is about having qualities that people feel mesmerized by.

So what really makes a person highly attractive?

Check out the following 7 habits that can make you more attractive and that have nothing to do with your looks:

1. Acknowledging your self-worth

Recognizing your own worth isn’t enough. Acknowledging it is what is truly important. You can look at it as your guide in life.

Being aware of your worth and value means being aware of your talents, skills, and strengths. It means never letting other people’s opinions to change the way you see yourself and lower your self-esteem.

Sure, having good looks is great, but if you don’t have the confidence to back it, as well as a strong attitude, you might as well have nothing.

2. Celebrating who you are

This is closely linked to the first point. The one true way for you to feel at ease with yourself and gain self-confidence is to accept yourself with all your annoying habits, clumsiness, insecurities, and fears. Because even though your weak spots and imperfections do not define you, they are still a part of you – a part that makes you unique.

3. Living in the present moment

To fully live in the present moment is to live without wasting time thinking about your past failures, mistakes, bad relationships, and heartbreaks or thinking too much about the future. It means keeping a sharp focus on the here and now.

4. Nourish your friendships

Evolutionary biologist Charles Darwin once said: “A man’s friendships are one of the best measures of his worth,” and this is something one simply cannot disagree with.

Because friendships are one of the main things that make us happy in life. They make life easier, more meaningful, and more fulfilling. They inspire you to keep on fighting for the things that fill your heart with warmth and joy. They help you improve and move forward with your chin up. So, never neglect and always nourish your friendships.

5. Appreciate the little things in life

Life is made up of little things. A kind and humble person will always stop to smell the roses, or to pet a stray animal. They will make time to appreciate the wonders of life. And they don’t need financial riches to feel happy. Instead, they are grateful for what they already have in life. Appreciate what you have, because some people don’t even have half of it.

6. Keep yourself healthy

Eat healthy and keep your body fit through physical exercise. Those are the best ways to increase your energy levels naturally, improve your metabolism, and lower the risk of developing heart disease, stroke, diabetes, and other, terrifying illnesses. Plus, you will also age slower, and look and feel much better!

7. Be forgiving

There will always be those who try to crush you and take advantage of you. There will always be that person who will make you regret putting your trust in them. There will always be that someone who celebrates your misfortunes. However, while you don’t have a say over how others treat you, you can control how you react to their behavior and to what extent you allow their words and actions to affect your own wellbeing.

So, rather than holding in negative thoughts about a person who has hurt you, try to let it go and move on. Because by gathering and not letting go of the bitterness and resentment inside you, you will only harm yourself in the long run.

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