Goat hops into police car, eats paperwork and knocks over officer

A curious goat jumped inside a police car in Georgia a week ago, where it started eating documents, spilled a drink, and at one point head-butted an officer to the ground. 

The circus was captured on bodycam footage.

The funny video was shared by the Douglas County Sheriff’s Office on social media.

According to their post, an on-duty deputy, whose identity is not revealed, was serving civil papers at the time the goat approached her car.

The vehicle door was left open, and not long after the unexpected guest showed up.

“Due to the number of houses [the deputy] visits daily, she routinely leaves her vehicle’s door open because she has had to [retreat] on a number of occasions from vicious dogs,” the post read.

“Never once did she expect or even consider what was about to happen this day!”

As the cop knocks on the house’s door, she can be heard saying,

“I hope that goat don’t get in my car.”

Moments later, she says, while laughing,

“Oh [expletive], he’s eating the paper.”

The deputy then rushes back to her vehicle, trying to chase the goat away while trying to save the papers from being eaten.

When the goat finally leaves the car after chewing up the documents and spilling a drink, it knocks the deputy to the ground by head-butting her.

See the full video by clicking below.

The deputy was not harmed, according to the sheriff’s office.

“[Although] she was knocked to the ground she was not physically harmed in the incident,” the sheriff’s office said. “At the end of the day we all got a little laugh out of it and we hope you do as well!”

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