“Give me my f***ing chips!” Man with knife threatens to “cut” takeaway staff over a bag of chips

In Wales, a man with a knife threatened to “cut” staff at a takeaway if they didn’t give him a free bag of chips. 

The man, identified by LADbible as Matthew Hawkins, 19, from Swansea, tried to attack the staff with a knife while being drunk at the time. The reason for his attempted robbery was a bag of chips, which costs £1.60 ($2).

Image credits: LADbible

While wielding a nine-inch blade on the counter of Yummies Pizza and Kebab shop, Hawkings was shouting at the staff, demanding free chips. After an employee told him he could buy them, the 19-year-old reportedly said:

“I want free chips. Hurry up or I’m going to cut you.”

Image credits: LADbible

The unpleasant encounter continued for around 15 minutes. Eventually, the drunk man left the takeaway with the words:

“I’m going to f***ing rob next door – then I’m coming back for my chips.”

Then, the attacker went to the neighboring Best One shop, just as he said he would do. Similarly to his first attempt, Hawkings tried to threaten the staff at the shop with a knife. However, he was now followed by a Yummies employee, who shut him inside Best One and called the cops.

When police arrived, the man was aggressively banging on the front door of the shop, shouting: “Give me my f***ing chips.”

After being arrested, Hawkings was taken to the Swansea Crown Court. There, he admitted two robbery bids and possessing a blade. He was then sentenced to three years in a young offenders institution.

Moreover, the mugger also received restraining orders banning him from contacting his victims for the next five years.

The additional restraining orders came as judge Paul Thomas QC said the man’s threats must have “frightened the living daylights” out of the staff working at the shops at the time. Mr. Thomas explained his decision, saying it was the court’s duty to protect workers in small businesses who become victims of suchlike assaults.

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