Ten Reasons Why Girls Who Have Male Friends Are The Best Type of Girls To Be With

It’s a tricky one for many people to get their heads around: Having platonic friendships with people of the opposite gender. Surely hanging out in close proximity with member of the opposite sex is going to lead to well, you know what?

Well, not necessarily so. The truth is, having gender intermingling in friendship groups brings a whole new perspective to life that you might not know you were missing out on.

Admittedly there are rare occasions when boundaries can become a little wobbly; maybe one member of the friendship group may have slightly different urges or feelings than another, perhaps there is too much booze at the party, or an elongated goodbye hug. But face it! We are all grown ups here, we are completely capable of reading other peoples feelings and setting our own boundaries and neither do we need to be emotionally responsible for every one else if we are composing ourselves in a respectable and considerate way.

As a boyfriend of a girl with lots for male friends it can definitely be challenging and play on deep rooted insecurities. These are really worth looking at and working through because there are some HUGE bonuses that you won’t always find in relationships with women who camouflage themselves in a gaggle of ladies or similarly those who do the solo ‘you are my whole world’ routine.

Ten Reasons Why Girls Who Have Male Friends Are The Best Type of Girls To Be With

Here are ten spectacular reasons why it’s awesome to have a girl who gets along with guys in your life:

1. They have an open mind

Girls who hang out with guys have an open mind on life, love and relationships. Because they’re cool with platonic relationships between men and women they’re already bucking the trend. Their open minds think clearly and rationally. They value having several different perspectives. That’s why they surround themselves with great girlfriends and lots of trustworthy guys. Believe me, it makes them a huge help when you’re trying to make a serious decision. If you hit a stumbling block in your relationship, they will turn to their friends for advice (both the boys and the girls) and get measured answers that can really improve your relationship rather than make you feel like you are being persecuted in a one sided trial! That is a gift in itself.

2. They are cheerful

Girls who get along better with guys are generally in a better mood. They think positively and they don’t let the little things drag them down. They aren’t surrounding themselves with Estrogen and monthly moon cycles all day long, they shake it up. Having anyone like this in your life is essential. When you’re having one of those days, these kinds of friends can remind you that you have got a lot to smile about.

3. They’re eager to try new things

Girls who have friends of both sexes want to have new experiences and try new things. They see all sides and hunger for more. These women aren’t stuck and just looking to you to open up their world. They want to get the most out of life and their passion is infectious. Having people like this around is perfect because they’ll help you get over any apprehensions you have when facing something difficult. Essentially, girls like this will hold your hand as you jump off the cliff, proverbial or otherwise.

4. They don’t care about petty things

These girls don’t care about petty things. In fact, they don’t even think about caring about petty things. They learn to let go and forgive quickly, because they are more balanced and value that in themselves. They won’t ask you trick questions and they won’t attack you for using the wrong words. Instead, they just get to the point. It lets the conversation flow because there is no hidden agenda, this type of girl won’t leave you squirming in your process. She’ll give you a cheeky wink and a quick hug and take you on an adventure to help you get over yourself either out in the world or between the sheets.

5. They are forgetful and forgiving

Girls who get on well with guys don’t hold on to things. In fact, they’re pretty forgetful when it comes to the negative stuff. They don’t hold grudges and you can accidentally wrong them without fear of them exacting vengeance on you. Life is too full for these individuals, they see the whole spectrum of potential and fun in the world, they don’t want to remain in a stuck place and they won’t keep you there either.

6. They’re energetic

Girls who have a lot of friends of both sexes are energetic. They have a lot going on and a lot that they still want to do. There aren’t enough hours in the day so they have to pack it in, filling every second of their day with something interesting and exciting. This energy is inspiring. It inspires you to better, to do more, and to chase your dreams. Who doesn’t want someone who inadvertently encourages you to go after what you want or even better run along beside you to cheer you on?

7. They’re emotionally consistent and responsible

Girls who have male friends are pretty emotionally consistent. They’re stable and always cheerful and generally satisfied with what’s going on around them.Sure, they are a rock but it’s because they made themselves that way. They’re in control of their own happiness and they don’t let others get them down.Take their advice on important issues and you’ll learn a lot about making solid, rational decisions.They also tend not to blame others for their upsets and decisions, being keen observers of the human spirit whether it be make or female, they recognise the faults and flaws in all, they don’t take sides and they see it in themselves too and they own that Sh*t.

8. They like your male friends and your female friends

A girl that gets along with everyone is a girl that you can take everywhere. They will like your male friends; they’ll get on with your female friends and are less likely to be jealous, they understand the importance of gender diversity in friendships. Similarly if they are your platonic friend they’ll never get in the way of your romantic interests and if they do, they aren’t really your friend in the first place, they are just playing a game.Having someone that you can introduce to your best friend, your date, your parents, or even your boss is amazing. You’ll never have to worry if they’ll be nice to the other people in your life. That’s someone you can rely on even when everything has gone wrong.

9. They make better lovers

Indeed, because these girls are listening to all sides of the story, they are asking questions, and they recognise that men aren’t the enemy or just robotic unfeeling machines. They have had intimate discussions with other people of both sexes and learn from their experiences without having to experience it with them themselves. So when it comes to you and her, she is going to try out new things and treat you with respect and honour that she treats all of her friends with and then some.By spending time with her other male friends, seeing their flaws and foibles constantly reminds her why as your lover she is with you and not someone like them. Its good to have that comparison and it’s an excellent reminder to you not to become complacent, stale or lazy in your relationship with her and to keep raising the bar to remain at the top of her list.

10. They understand how you feel and don’t push

Girls who get along with guys are accepting of the personalities of both sexes. She’ll never push you into elaborating on your feelings to validate her own feelings. She’ll get that there are some things that you don’t want or need to talk about and she’ll let that be.In fact, she will probably find a way to make sure you know she understands without even having to ask you what is wrong. Lots of people think that being boyfriends with a girl who has other male friends is hard. Sure it can be challenging and being friends with the right girl is the best thing you’ll ever do. Girls who get on with guys get what’s going on in your head. These girls will let you be you and that doesn’t just make them good friends but good people too.

What do you think? Have you been challenged by a partner having a close friend of the opposite sex? Do you have a jealous lover? Have you had awkward friend experiences?

Share your stories with us below…

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