Girl fakes being sick to skip school, ends up saving her own life

This girl saved her own life after faking a sore throat to skip school. 

Although skipping classes is not advisable, it could apparently save a life. Or at least that was the case with Mary, known on social media as @clutzychick.

Credits: TikTok

When Mary was just 8-years-old, she decided to trick her parents into thinking she was sick, so they don’t send her to school that day. As per Unilad, she told her mom she had a “sore throat,” hoping the lie would help her skip her boring classes.

However, instead of simply playing along, her mother took the matter a bit more seriously. She decided to take Mary to the doctor’s office, so they could give her a diagnose and prescribe her some medicine to relieve the soreness.

On the way to the clinic, the 8-year-old felt there actually was something wrong with her throat, as she needed to stop four times to get something to drink.

When Mary and her mom finally got to the doctor’s, a sore throat turned out to be nothing compared to the girl’s real diagnosis. 

In a TikTok video, Mary explains:

“The doctor weighed me and said he needed to run a test because I was severely underweight. My blood sugar was at an extremely dangerous level, [they] rushed me to the hospital, and diagnosed me with diabetes.”


ended up getting a few weeks off school lol #fypシ #Bell5GPaintPortal #icouldbeeverycoloryoulike #foryou

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Instead of taking a day off from school, the TikToker had to skip classes for several weeks following her severe diagnosis. In a way, her little lie of having a sore throat to stay home a day longer ended up saving her life.

According to Medical News Today, type 1 diabetes is the most common variant of the disease amongst youngsters. It occurs when the pancreas is unable to produce insulin, leading to extremely high blood sugar levels.

An estimated 85% of all type 1 diagnoses take place in people aged under 20 years.

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