Girl with Down syndrome becomes successful model, even though doctors told her mom to put her in an institution

Doctors told her mom to put her in an institution. But she defied everyone’s expectations by thriving way better than they imagined.

Meet Kennedy Garcia from Colorado Springs, the young model with Down syndrome.

When she was just a baby, specialists revealed to her mom that she would have no quality of life. According to Metro, one medic even suggested Kennedy’s mom to ‘just give her up for adoption.’

However, her mother, Renee, refused to believe them. She was ready to kick them all out of the hospital room. She knew in her heart that her baby daughter will do so much better than that. And she was absolutely right!

Little Kennedy, now a 15-years-old young lady, has proven all of them wrong. She is now a successful model for top brands in the U.S., and she has competed in state-wide dance competitions. What’s more, she has also battled against cancer, overcoming leukemia with an admirable bravery.

When Renee gave birth to Kennedy, she was afraid of her baby’s fate.

“The night Kennedy arrived, I was heartbroken to learn she had the condition because I was being fed nothing but a negative, bleak picture painted by doctors and nurses who really had no idea what my child‘s future really held.”

But the next night, something amazing happened. Renee’s hopes were back up again.

“It was only the next night when a kind midwife told me Kennedy was beautiful and just like her daughter, who also had the condition, that I felt a glimmer of hope.”

She shares that the first thing she asked the woman was if her daughter could walk. Renee wasn’t fully aware of what having the condition means. The other woman laughed. Her daughter was 16 back then, and she could definitely walk.

On Kennedy’s first birthday, her mother went to the hospital she gave birth to her in. She left a special care package for new mothers of babies with Down syndrome in the labor ward. The care package included copies of books that had helped Renee understand what this disorder meant for her daughter and cute onesies with slogans celebrating their unique babies.

Now, Kennedy is just like every other girl her age.

She has friends who love her, she dances, and she likes to go to the cinema with her boyfriend Matthew, who also has Down syndrome.

Moreover, she has also modeled for American Girl and Justice Clothing and is signed with KMR Diversity and Dream Talent Management. Besides, she regularly flies to Hollywood and New York to audition and take part in many modeling jobs.

Renee couldn’t be prouder with her incredibly talented daughter. Yet, she feels sad about the misconception of the doctors back when Kennedy was a newborn.

“It’s shocking how misinformed they all were, and it was only 15 years ago. I feel sad that I wasted time grieving for moments like prom dress shopping as I really had been led to believe none of the normal milestones would be reached.”

The young model and her loving mother now take time to tour around schools where they teach children of all ages about Down syndrome.

They explain to the youngsters what the condition is and how they can support people who have it. In an interview for The Mighty, Renee shares:

“The fact that these teachers and schools are even giving her the opportunity to come in and speak shows how much progress has been made in recent years.”

Kennedy’s uplifting story is an incredible example of how giving up is never an option, even if all the odds are against you.

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