Girl, 16, allegedly undergoes 100 plastic surgeries in only 3 years

Chinese teenage girl spends a fortune on over 100 plastic surgery procedures.

  • A 16-year-old girl has endured over 100 plastic surgeries for the last three years.
  • Zhou Chuna underwent her first procedure at only 13.
  • The teen plans to continue altering her appearance in the future.

At only 16, ‘China’s youngest plastic surgery addict’ Zhou Chuna, has allegedly undergone over 100 procedures for a period of only three years. The beauty addict started her journey at 13, as per Oddity Central.

The teen is a well-known Chinese influencer with thousands of followers on Sina Weibo. She has built her online community by sharing every step of her beautifying journey. Dreadfully, she has even shared that some of the side effects of ner numerous surgeries include memory loss and permanent scarring.

However, the teen star is determined that all the pain is worth it:

“I am never afraid of pain, I am afraid of ugliness.”


Zhou entered the dangerous world of cosmetic surgery at a very young age. At the time, she felt ‘very ugly’ and she was often bullied by her schoolmates, so she decided to entirely change the way she looks. All the humiliating nicknames and ruthless jokes she used to hear about herself triggered her to defy her bullies by improving her appearance.

The girl first asked her parents to pay for double eyelid surgery, which is a common procedure amongst Asian women.

Eventually, her family agreed to finance the surgery. Despite the efforts they made to convince her she didn’t need plastic surgery to feel beautiful,  all she could appreciate was the positive way people started treating her after the procedures.

“Everyone’s attitude towards me became more friendly after the double eyelid surgery, and I tasted the sweet fruits of plastic surgery.”

Today, Zhou has undergone over 100 surgeries, including fillers, breast implants, rhinoplasty, Barbie-eye surgery, and more. Moreover, she didn’t stop her addiction even during the pandemic – she only slowed it down. Over the last year, she had 20 procedures done, despite COVID-19. And that’s not all! The teen plans to endure even more surgeries in the future.

“I will never be satisfied with my appearance. I always think I will look better after the next plastic surgery I get.”

Zhou’s family paid over ¥4 million($620,000) for her cosmetic surgery obsession.

Unfortunately, the teenager didn’t give her parents a choice. She threatened them that if they don’t finance her procedures, she would quit school and find another way to raise the money. To prevent that from happening, Zhou’s family agreed to support her, knowing that this way, she is at least taken care of by professionalists.

“Someone once asked me if I have any regrets about my plastic surgeries, but the only regret I have is not having started them sooner.”


Talking about her fixation, China’s youngest plastic surgery addict claims:

“It’s impossible for me to not get plastic surgery. I’m ok if I don’t eat or drink water, but I can’t live without plastic surgery. No, I like plastic surgery and I don’t mind anesthetics. When I wake up, I know that I will be more beautiful in just seven days.”

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