Girl, 15, secretly gave birth while babysitting, told child it was just a doll, then put newborn in the trash

While on the job babysitting a child, a 15-year-old girl secretly gave birth to a baby boy in the bathroom and threw him away. 

The UK teen had started work at around 10:30 am, and after an hour of babysitting, she gave birth to a baby boy by herself, inside the house. At about 13:00 pm, the little boy she was babysitting had gone upstairs to find her lying in bed. He later told officers that there was blood all over the place, which she told him was due to a nosebleed, as per the Mirror.

Shortly afterward, the boy went back to the living room and realized that the girl had also joined him downstairs but had something in her hands.

When she went inside the kitchen, the boy heard a baby crying, so he followed the teen. On the kitchen table, he saw a bundle of clothes from which “two little feet and legs” were popping out. Even though he could hear the baby crying, the girl told him it was just a doll. When he eventually told authorities what had happened, he said that he could not understand why the girl would lie to him like that.

After the uneasy conversation he had with the teen, the boy also did a quick Google search to inform himself whether 15-year-olds could get pregnant, and got extremely concerned when the search confirmed that they could.

At one point, while they were still alone in the house, the babysitter went out the back, and the boy could hear the gate being opened.

Police were alerted by medical staff at Blackpool Victoria Hospital. Image: Bruce Adams/Daily Mail/Rex/Shutterstock

And that was the moment when the new mom put her baby in the garbage.

Later, when the teen’s mom came back home and found the blood, her daughter told her it was from her breaking something in the bathroom because she felt dizzy.

The daughter could not convince her mom about not needing medical assistance, and she was eventually brought to the hospital where the doctors noticed that her vagina had been bleeding.

According to Metro, not long after, the police were told what had happened and the baby was eventually found wrapped in clothes and a plastic bag. Police also found the mother made some unorthodox Google searches such as “why have I got really bad stomach pains” and “how to cut an umbilical cord.”

After the incident that happened back in 2018, the teen said she put the baby in the garbage because she thought it was dead.

But strangely, when Coroner Andrew Cousins asked her in court whether she put him in a plastic bag, she said:

“I don’t know.”

“He wasn’t making any noise. He wasn’t moving at all.”

The case is still ongoing.

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