Gin Company Is Looking For Tasters To Test Its Newest Creations

A British gin company is looking for people to test their latest creations.

The Local Gin Company has come out with a job advertisement on its site for testers in England to help select gins for its premium subscription boxes.

The ad asks people over the age of 18 to “enjoy drinking gin served with tonic” and can “provide honest feedback” to its gin selection group.

If you do get to be part of the panel of tasters, you will be among the first to try a number of premium dry and pink gins made in the United Kingdom.

The gins which pass the test will become part of the company’s subscription packs, which cost £40.

The Local Gin Company is on the look for two tasters from each of the 8 regions it operates in currently: London, the South West, the South East, the Midlands, the East of England, the North West, the North East, and Yorkshire and the Humber.

The tasting will begin in 2021 and the job will be regular.

And while there is no pay involved, there’s lots of gin to be awarded to those who are successful.

Madelaine Power, founder of the Local Gin Company, said:

“Our mission is to help people discover amazing gin being produced on their doorstep – and who better to decide whether gins make it into our boxes than the local gin community themselves?” 

The position has already been advertised all over the web.

On the Instagram ad, one person commented:

“Me me! Tagging myself as my mission in life is to taste every single gin ever made.”

Another wrote:

“Applied for this – it would be a dream!!!” while a third person wrote: “We were made for this job… this is our calling.”

If you wish to apply, you can do so by December 31. Simply follow the LINK.

Would you be interested in becoming a gin tester? Let us know by joining the conversation in the comments and please share this article if you’ve enjoyed it.

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