Gifted makeup artist creates stunning 3D optical illusions ON HIS FACE

This talented makeup artist has everyone bewildered with his hyper-realistic 3D optical illusions. 

Luca Luce, of Milan, Italy, has been working as a professional TV makeup artist for many years. However, it was 2014 when he decided to take a turn and start using his own body as a canvas for his unreal art.

As Oddity Central reports, Luce became world-famous in 2015, when photos of his stunning hand-painted optical illusions began circulating the internet. His Instagram account now has nearly 300,000 followers who are beyond mesmerized by his out-of-this-world gift.

For the last five years, the Italian artist has developed his talent incredibly well. At first, he started by turning his hands into striking works of art. One of his first artworks was of a ladder going down into a hole in his palm. The online attention it got was tremendous.

Further on, Luce decided he needs a little more space for his masterpieces, so he moved on to his head and face. Today he ‘carves’, ‘pierces’, and ‘disfigures’ himself to create his mind-blowing designs.

Drawing on paper appears to be way too mainstream for the inventive painter.

What do you think of Luca Luce’s talent for 3D optical illusions? Let us know in the comment section!

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