German Shepherd caught on camera using a ladder to go for a swim

A German Shepherd/Husky mix dog named Elliot was caught on camera climbing the ladder and taking a dip in the pool.

His owners, an engaged couple from Fayetteville, North Carolina, were stunned when Elliot decided to go for a swim all by himself. Luckily, they recorded a video, so we can also witness the dog’s hilariously courageous move.

Image credits: ViralHog/YouTube

The footage starts with the German Shepherd/Husky mix walking towards the backyard pool. Clearly, his German Shepherd genes are stronger, as they have repeatedly been shown to be among the smartest breeds, as Apost notes.

The woman who posted the entertaining dog video wrote:

“This is Elliot the German Shepard/husky mix! I and my fiancé realized he loved swimming when he was young so we got a pool to share with him! We had just started realizing that when we would let him in the backyard he would climb into the pool and be all wet when we would let him back in! I finally caught him on camera hence my laughing in the video! Elliot is one unique and amazing dog and we are so happy to have him!”

Apparently, the heat was too unbearable for Elliot, as he went for a swim all by himself. Interestingly, his owners had previously installed an above-ground pool because he actually loved swimming. Of course, they wanted to share the pool with their dog, so this was a nice and quite affordable solution for the couple.

Although it’s unusual for German Shepherds to favor swimming, Elliot is clearly an exception.

After all, he is willing to climb a ladder just to get into the water, which is quite an impressive move, don’t you think?

Image credits: ViralHog/YouTube

The video perfectly illustrates the dog’s eagerness to freshen up on a hot day. What’s more, it shows his incredible intelligence, as he seems to have figured out how to climb ladders all by himself.

Elliot’s owners became suspicious of his new hobby when they noticed that he would often come back into the house soaking wet after a walk in the backyard. Even though they knew he was getting into the pool, as they were familiar with his love for swimming, they had no idea he knew how to use the pool’s ladder. They were amazed when they saw their pupper carefully getting into the pool using the ladder, as they can be heard laughing in the video.

Image credits: ViralHog/YouTube

It turns out that when a dog is struggling with the hot weather, it would go the extra mile to freshen up.  And for Elliot, the extra mile is learning how to climb ladders.

After the German Shepherd/Husky finishes with his short swim, he then exits the pool in a similar awe-inspiring way. At first, he hesitates to use the ladder, but then he simply jumps off of it.

The video of the dog using the ladder to go for a swim shows that dogs have a unique intellect, and they can learn various skills apart from rolling over when commanded to do so.

However, this thought-provoking behavior is not that surprising. German Shepherds are known for their ability to quickly learn new commands and to easily adapt. Coming from Germany, a country blessed with plenty of hills and mountains, climbing must be an essential skill for the breed. Therefore, taking the ladder seems to be less unusual than we might think.

What about your pets? Do they love a short swim on a hot day? Let us know in the comment section, and feel free to brighten a dog lover’s day by sharing this article!

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