Furious woman shoots at Burger King staff for making her wait too long

An enraged Tennessee woman fired several shots inside a Burger King drive-thru restaurant. 

Surveillance footage from a Memphis Burger King restaurant shows a woman pointing a gun at the employees. According to local police, the female was furious at the drive-thru staff for making her wait too long for her order.

Credits: Memphis Police Department

TMZ reveals that as soon as the argument between the customer and the employees became more intense, the woman got out of her car and turned violent. The officers working on the case reported that the unnamed female grabbed a gun from inside her vehicle and fired shots through the window.

At one point, the shameless woman can be seen staring right at the security camera before unloading her weapon.

Credits: Memphis Police Department

Although no employees were harmed during the shooting, they were terrified for their lives and fled through the restaurant’s back door.

As per FOX17, Dewayne Wilson, who was interviewed in the parking lot at the drive-thru, commented:

“I hate that they were impatient. Kids work there.”

Credits: YouTube

After the altercation, the unidentified female got back inside her car and sped off with a man behind the wheel.

Police are still searching for the shooter with Crime Stoppers offering a reward of up to $1,000 for information leading to her arrest.

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