Furious Mom Starts Driving Over Climate Change Activists In Shocking Video

A mother was about to run over two Insulate Britain protesters after they refused to move out of the way as she was trying to get her son to school. 

Over the past few weeks, the green activist group has been protesting in hopes of forcing the government to insulate all social housing and start acting on climate change.

The roadblocks organized by the activists have infuriated many drivers in the process, with some acting out their anger by dragging them off the road or shouting at them. This particular mother, however, took a different approach.

In the latest such case shared on social media, activists can be seen sitting on the road, once again blocking people’s way in the process.

Insulate Britain protesters blocking the roads. Image: BBC

A furious mother then gets out of her Range Rover and yells:

“Move out the way now. I’ll drive through you then. My son is 11 and he needs to get to school and I need to get to work.”

After she gets back in her car, she starts moving it forward, driving into the seated protesters in the process, causing one to yell:

“Oh, oh, oh, no!”

The video has amassed more than 1.3 million views and received mixed reactions from the public. 

One person commented:

“Pretty selfish to sit in the middle of the road and stop people going about their business don’t you think?”

Another said:

“I don’t know why insulate Britain don’t understand this. They’re not hurting the government, or big oil corporations, just hurting ordinary working class people”

A third commented:

“Attempting to run them over to get a kid to school? Bit extreme.”

And another added:

“National hero!”

Despite people’s anger, the activists don’t seem to be backing down, and who knows how long this will continue.

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