Furious little boy kicks car and tells off driver after he hits his mother and him while they cross the road

A fresh viral video has warmed the hearts of millions around the world by showing a small boy kicking a car that just sent his mom flying while they were both trying to cross the road in Chongqing, China.

The kid is seen letting out his anger while crying for his dear mother.

Protecting his mother

The accident was recorded by CCTV placed nearby and shows both mother and child almost getting driven over by the car before the driver hits the breaks. The boy’s first reaction is to check and see if his mother is well, after which he storms towards the big jeep and kicks its front side in anger. After that, the driver comes out of the car in order to check on the mother and the child.

The footage shows the mother being escorted to the car by its driver to be taken to a hospital.

Fortunately, both mother and son were not badly injured, and according to local media, the driver’s responsibility for the accident is undeniable.

The video was since posted on multiple social media sites and has been seen millions of times worldwide.

You can watch the video in the link below.

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