20+ funny things our pets do when nobody’s watching

Sometimes pets can be hilarious.

Especially when they think we’re not looking. The minute we leave home, they start doing the derpiest things ever. Not that they’re not entertaining when we’re around, but when we leave them alone, they can be funnier than ever. Here are some of the weirdest hilarious things our pets do when they think nobody is watching.

1. “I am a rug now.”

Credit: 9gag

2. This husky is enjoying the lovely view.

Credit: LemonTheTurtle / reddit

3. “If it fits, I sits.”

Credit: 9gag

4. “I came back home and found my dog stuck in my sweater.”

Credit: Makstum / pikabu

5. Pupper fell asleep on the dishwasher door.

Credit: 9gag

6. No toilet paper is ever safe with a cat in the house.

Credit: bdeckermsu / reddit

7. Taking a fabulous nap after the walk.

Credit: scobacko / pikabu

8. “He likes to dig a hole and then sit in it and watch things go on all day.”

Credit: dartmaster666 / reddit

9. Making new friends.

Credit: emuemeli / reddit

10. “Are you gonna eat that?”

Credit: Not_A_Robot_101 / reddit

11. “I couldn’t breathe when I slept so I installed a camera.”

Credit: stluis_htx / twitter 

12. Wrapping paper has no chance against this kitty.

Credit: hyperRed13 / reddit  

13. “We gave him some meds because he’s scared of thunderstorms and this was how he sat.”

Credit: BumblerNamedOy / reddit

14. Destructive bunny mode.

Credit: 9gag

15. “This is my spot now.”

Credit: tuck_oddity / reddit

16. “She looked guilty for a split second, then continued on her rampage.”

Credit: WITCHFlNDER-GENERAL / reddit 

17. Derpy nap time

Credit: 9gag

18. Playing peekaboo with the neighbor cat.

Credit: 9gag

19. “Meet Goten. The reason we have to hide our toilet paper in a cabinet.”

Credit: RowSquadK / reddit

20. Just taking a casual nap.

Credit: Aggredior / reddit

21. Marking territory.

Credit: Staufert / reddit

22. “This is mine now!”

Credit: CatsAreAssholes / reddit

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