Pricelessly funny before and after photos reveal just how exhausting the first day back at school was for this little girl

Going to school after the summer holidays can be exhausting, and the first-day photos of this little girl show how real the pain can actually get, Metro reports

Five-year-old Lucie from Glasgow, Scotland, did not arrive home looking like the happy, smiley child that she did in a photo of her taken in the morning.

Before heading off to class, Lucy’s mom took a picture of her with her older brother, in which both children can be seen dressed nicely in their uniforms.

Credit: Jillian Falconer

Lucie’s tie was tidy, her socks were up to her knees, her bow perfectly tied her dark blonde hair and she had a lovely big smile on her face.

Even though she had a “great day” – as her mother Jillian told Metro –  Lucy had gone through a rough transformation by the time she got back home.

With a loose tie, socks almost down to her ankles, bow almost fallen off her head and bushy hair, it was obvious – Lucie hadn’t held back that day.

Credit: Jillian Falconer

“I think her clothes were too big slightly and she was pleased to see her friends,” Jillian said, according to Metro.

Yet, Lucie told her mom that she did “nothing much” at school.

But Lucie’s worn-out look was telling a different story, and her mother pointed out that she went to sleep much earlier than she normally does.

Lucie is the youngest of four children and is usually “very shy,” Jillian said, “except when she is around her brothers.”

Judging by the after-school photo, however, Lucie just may turn the page this year at school.

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