Here’s To The Friends Who Still Love Us, Despite The Distance

Whether it’s moving to another place, taking a new job, or even simply being over-scheduled, we sometimes lose touch with our dearest friends.

Luckily, they still love us, despite the distance.

I remember when I started traveling, and amidst the joyous feelings of freedom and wonder was a hint of sadness. I knew that I was about to embark on a journey that would change more than a few of my relationships.

I accepted the eventuality that I would drift apart from certain people, and that we would both occasionally cross each other’s mind. Wondering how the other person was doing, if their favourite plant was flowering, or if they ever found out where that strange noise was coming from in their house would become pleasant, but passing, thoughts.

It was around my 4th year away from my homeland when I realized I was only half right.

Yes, there were those friendships that fell through the cracks, and when one person tried to rekindle the connection, there was nothing. Conversations with people I could once talk about anything with became awkward, and subject matter grew sparse.

But then there were those special, truly remarkable friends who made me feel like despite the barriers of distance and time, nothing had changed. You know who they are because you have them too.

They’re the ones who stayed the same, even though they got married and had kids. Their silly quirks and odd sayings never went away. In fact, there’s probably a few inside jokes you both still chuckle at from time to time.
Friends Who Grow Up Together Stick Together

They’re the ones who always offer a warm smile and welcome you back with open arms, even though you’ve had some difficult times in the friendship.

They’re the ones who will struggle through a Skype call with shoddy WiFi for an hour when you’re halfway across the world, crying over something absolutely ridiculous. Best of all, they know you’d do the same and there is an unspoken bond of acceptable craziness between you both.

They’re the ones who might take a bit longer to respond to an email, or a missed call, but when they do, there’s sure to be a whirlwind of emotion and stories that you can’t wait to hear.

They’re the ones who back you up and give you support, even if they don’t understand what you are doing, or why you are doing it. On the flip side of the coin, when you mess up, they are the first ones to make sure you hold yourself accountable. And they expect you to do the same.

They’re the ones who love you, and will continue to love you, regardless of how much your journey changes the person they call “friend.” They’ve accepted you from day one and nothing, not even time or space can alter that.

They’re the ones who continue to fight in your corner, even when you don’t notice it. It doesn’t take much for them to cheer you on, and they’re probably your biggest fan.

They know that your friendship is a form of love, and yes, they love you. They love you for all the things you are, the things you aren’t, the person you were, the person you are, and the person you will become.

These are the people, our dearest friends, who prove to us that family isn’t always about blood- it’s about something more.

Take a minute and thank those people in your life who have made reconnecting an effortless and enjoyable experience. Share this article with them. Let them know that you notice, and you appreciate everything about them. Especially their unwavering friendship.

Written by Raven Fon

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