Friendly deer that visits town every Christmas comes back with an arrow through its head

‘Carrot the magic deer’ who visits a town in Canada every year returns with a hunting bolt through his head. 

  • A deer that visits a small Canadian town every Christmas came back with an arrow stuck in his head.
  • Locals believe the animal had fallen victim to a hunter.
  • Carrot the deer is now recovering after a dangerous arrow removal procedure.
Credits: Facebook

A friendly deer named Carrot visits the residents of Kenora, Canada every year around Christmas time. Shockingly, while the neighborly animal didn’t fail to pay a visit to his favorite humans in the town just before the holiday, he returned with an arrow straight through his head.

As UNILAD reports, the deer was given the name Carrot by Lee-Anne Carver, who first saw him in 2017. He was then sheltered by a buck she dubbed Potato. Ever since then, Carrot always comes back to visit just around Christmas time. Sadly, this time Carver’s husband found the poor animal with a hunting bolt through his head.

The Carvers assumed that the deer had probably fallen victim to a hunter. Thankfully, the arrow didn’t affect vital arteries.

Credits: Facebook

Recalling the first time she saw Potato and Carrot, Lee-Anne told CBC:

“And he had this little fawn with him, this orphaned fawn, which bucks will often take orphaned fawns under their wing, and it was Carrot, or who would become Carrot. He was exceptional, and he continues to come back. Carrot’s personality is so unique, he’s impossible to misidentify.”

Ms. Carver, who is also a wildlife photographer, said she could barely comprehend her crying husband’s words right after he had seen Carrot with the bolt stuck in his head.

When the woman went out to see the poor animal, she felt “completely disturbed.” 

She added:

“My understanding from the hunters who have been writing me, it’s a carbon arrow, a lethal arrow for hunting. It would come out of a crossbow.”

The photographer immediately called 911 after the distressing scene. The Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry took care of the hurting creature and removed the arrow. They also injected Carrot with strong antibiotics, after which he was back on his feet in just a few hours.

Credits: Facebook

In a touching Facebook post, Lee-Anne expressed her concerns that Carrot was shot just for entertainment.

“We have a greater need to examine ourselves and fix the parts of us that are broken. My friend was not shot for consumption. This is not the way hunters kill animals.”

Ms. Carver and others concerned about Carrot’s wellbeing frequently post updates about his recovery on the Facebook page Carrot the Magic Deer and the Orange Heart Club.

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