France Terror Attack: Woman and Man Beheaded in Mass Stabbing at Church in Nice

A man and a woman have been beheaded in a terrorist attack outside a French church, media outlets report. 

French publications reported that at least three people have been murdered, others have been severely injured, and a man has been arrested after being gunned down.

According to Actu17, a woman was beheaded and a man’s throat was slashed open outside the church before the terrorist was shot.

In a tweet, Nice’s mayor Christian Estrosi said:

“I confirm that everything suggests a terrorist attack.”

Estrosi also told reporters that the attacker,

‘kept shouting Allahu Akbar even after being medicated’, and that ‘the meaning of his gesture is not in doubt’.

‘Enough is enough,’ he added. ‘It’s time now for France to exonerate itself from the laws of peace in order to definitively wipe out Islamo-fascism from our territory.’

The horror story comes following heightened fears in France due to the recent cartoons of the Prophet Mohammed released by Charlie Hebdo.

Daily Mail

Gerald Darmanin, the French interior minister tweeted:

“A police operation is in progress.

“Avoid the area and follow the instructions.”

He also said he has summoned a “crisis meeting” because of the terrorist attack.

French police said:

“A man has been arrested at the scene after being shot by police.

“At least two people dead and others injured.”

France has angered Turkey and Iran as it has taken a firm stance to defend its right to free speech by standing behind Charlie Hebdo.

47-year-old Samuel Paty was beheaded by Abdullah Anzorov, 18, earlier this month after he used the cartoons to teach his pupils about the crucial importance of free speech.

Paty, a history and geography teacher, had been awarded the Legion d’Honneur – the country’s most prestigious award – and president Macron insisted that France would “not give up our cartoons.”

Samuel Paty. Image source: The Sun

Cartoons of the Prophet have been publicly displayed in the country in solidarity with the teacher to stand behind the values of secularism and free speech. 

Emmanuel Macron has said he would reinforce efforts to fight against conservative Islamic beliefs that go against French values.

His words have angered many people in the Muslim world.

The country has been cracking down on what it believes is radical Islam, stating it has searched over 120 houses and shut down a mosque in the city of Pantin.

Daily Mail

Paty is being hailed as a champion of Western values by many people in France after his horrific death.

The drawing he showed to his students was the same one that ignited the attack on Charlie Hebdo’s offices that cost the lives of 12 people.

Goff Photos

Nine people – including family members of the terrorist – have been put under arrest.

Paty’s murder comes after another stabbing near the former offices of the publication just weeks prior – in which a terrorist is thought to have tried to target Charlie Hebdo.

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