Forgive the ones who hurt you and forgive yourself for letting them

If you’re capable of forgiveness, you’re capable of anything in this world.

Forgiving others and yourself means your mind is powerful enough to accept the pain and to learn from it. It means that when someone shatters your dreams and breaks your soul, you’re strong enough to heal on your own and to move on. You’re able to look them straight in the eyes and still be at peace with yourself.

When the person you trusted the most and loved with your whole heart hurts you and leaves you heartbroken, you must know how to turn this agony into a valuable life lesson. When you feel betrayed, you need to find the strength within you to keep your head high and edge forward.

Moving on is definitely not an easy task. We have all been there. We have all felt the pain of being let down by the people we love the most. And sometimes, it still hurts when we think about it. The wounds of betrayal never fully disappear. That’s exactly why you need to learn how to forgive, even when the pain is unbearable.

Forgiveness is essential for the healing of your wounded soul.

If you truly want to heal and outgrow the bitterness of being unfairly mistreated, you need to find the path to forgiveness.

This is the only way you will liberate yourself from the pain, and you will move on with your life. This is the only way to your own happiness. Forgiveness is necessary for your personal growth, and for investing in your emotional intelligence.

It is much easier said than done, but once you forgive the one that hurt you, and yourself for letting them, you will finally sense the freedom you are craving so darn much.

All you need to do is to implement a few subtle changes in your mindset. And the first one is to truly understand that forgiveness is possible, and it is the solution to freeing your soul from the emotional burden. Not only it is possible, but forgiveness is also mandatory.

Next, you need to find the courage and take the step to consciously chose to forgive. Once you do, your mind will be prepared to accept the consequences. There will be anger, confusion, and heartache. There will be tears. You need to be ready to take it all for the sake of your own mental health.

What’s crucial for the process of forgiveness is understanding the steps the other person took before eventually hurting you. There might be a long history behind it.

To forgive, you must understand the origins of what made them mistreat you like this.

In other words, you must show empathy to the one who hurt you. And this is one of the hardest things you will need to do in your life. But it is the best thing you could do for your personal wellbeing.

If you are strong enough to be empathetic to your own abuser, then you are strong enough to achieve any goal you set for yourself. The power of forgiveness will give you the courage to overcome every obstacle on your journey. It will heal you, strengthen you, and open your eyes to the world around you. Furthermore, it will teach you not to give away your love and trust so easily.

Forgive others, but most importantly, forgive yourself for allowing them to use your vulnerability and hurt you.

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