Foreigners In Bali Forced To Do Push-Ups For Not Following Pandemic Protocol

Foreigners who broke mask-wearing protocol in Bali, Indonesia have been forced to do push-ups as authorities crackdown on those who break the pandemic rules. 

Pictures and footage shared on the web show men doing push-ups as a punishment for being caught without protective masks.

The highest number of violations of health protocols in Bali have been recorded in the Badung Regency, which is home to famous tourist destinations such as Kuta and Seminyak.

Around 9000 offenses have thus far been reported, as per ABC.

Image: ABC

Many of those were committed by people who did not wear masks properly or at all, as well as businesses ignoring health guidelines.

About 80% of the offenses were committed by foreign people, according to the Badung Regency’s Public Order Agency chief I Gusti Agung Kerta Suryanegara.

“Some foreigners were found walking on the beach, sitting in restaurants and riding motorbikes without masks,” he said.

Image: ABC

Many of the people who broke the rules have been issued fines for minor mistakes, such as carrying a mask but not wearing it.

Offenders were made to do push up or clean the streets.

“We didn’t fine those who had admitted their mistakes … we didn’t just fine people randomly because they didn’t wear masks,” Mr Suryanegara said.

Image: ABC

According to Mr. Suryanegara, most tourists who broke the rules were either from Europe or Australia.

Many people stayed on the island with extended visas as the borders were shut due to the pandemic.

Bali started issuing fines in September for people who refused to wear masks.

Authorities are now considering raising the fine, which at the equivalent of about $9 does not seem to scare foreigners much.

“Foreign nationals violate (health protocols) as if we are nothing in their eyes,” Mr Suryanegara told local media publication Coconuts Bali.

“Sometimes they will be laughing as they do push-ups or other social punishments, it’s as if there’s no effect. Even if they were made to pay fines, maybe it’s too cheap for them.”

Foreigners are also being refused entry at bars and tourist sites if they are not wearing masks.

Image: ABC

There have been around 900 confirmed coronavirus cases in Bali but the aftermath of the pandemic on tourism – which is its largest source of income – has affected thousands more.

Check out the video of foreigners being forced to do pushups by clicking below.

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