Footage Shows Wuhan’s Biggest Wet Market As It Reopens. WHO Backs Controversial Move

Only a few months after the explosion of coronavirus, thousands of people have gone back to run their businesses in Wuhan’s largest wet market, as per reports. 

Footage made public by media outlets shows things have gone back to their usual state after the lockdown measures were lifted in Wuhan.

Reportedly, 90 percent of market businesses have reopened at the large Baishazhou market – even though dealing with living wild animals has been prohibited.

The giant market operates on an area of 116 acres.

It is believed that the coronavirus, which has claimed the lives of more than 125,000 people, came out of the Huanan market, also located in Wuhan.

It was shut down on January 1 and remains closed. 

New measures have been taken, with Baishazhou visitors having to provide proof on an app that they have not been infected by COVID-19.

According to a report, their temperatures are also being checked upon entry.

Baishazhou is the most famous place trading live crayfish in China, even though media reports say that currently, sales have gone down significantly.

The number of visitors has reportedly also gone down by 10% of what they were last year.

One of the people who have outspokenly criticized the Baishazhou’s reopening has been Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison, who referred to it as “unfathomable”.

“We need to protect the world against potential sources of outbreaks of these types of viruses. It’s happened too many times.

“I’m totally puzzled by this decision. I think that’s unfathomable, frankly,” he told Nine Network TV.

However, the World Health Organization said in a statement that while wet markets should not be permitted to sell illegal wildlife and authorities should push for food and safety regulations, ‘wet markets and other food markets do not need to be closed down.’

See the Baishazhou market back in business in the video below.

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