Footage Of Drunk Man Escaping Stretcher And Running Away From Ambulance Goes Viral

A viral video shows a man running away from an ambulance while the Milwaukee Bucks played in the NBA Finals.

Getting a little tipsy is a feeling we’re all familiar with, but getting wasted to the point of needing an ambulance is a whole different ball game. A guy who was about to receive medical care suddenly jumped up and decided he didn’t need help after all in a TikTok clip that has since been seen by people all over the world.

The video, shared by Meredith Scharinger, was captioned ‘Bucks in 6 baby!’ and has been seen by more than 5 million people so far.

The caption is a reference to the rallying cry fans use for the Milwaukee Bucks team.

In the video, the man can be seen being put in the back of an ambulance stretcher before suddenly jumping out, leaving the medics stunned. After a quick run back to a bar, he smashes against a waiter who drops his tray while the man keeps on running.

Many people online came out in support of the man’s drunken shenanigans, and some even made jokes about the cost of health insurance…

One person wrote:

“He didn’t want the $900 ambulance bill.”

Another person added:

“Americans when they realise they got no health insurance.”

Other commenters expressed sympathy for the waiter by saying:

“Imagine the waiter trying to explain what happened to his manager.”

Another person wrote:


Check out the video by clicking below.


Bucks in 6 baby! #bucksin6 #fyp #mke

♬ Track Star – Mooski

An overwhelming number of people said that the charges for an ambulance service in the United States are simply too high and have supported the man’s freedom run. However, one must note that drinking yourself to a point of collapse is never a good idea, no matter how funny it may look.

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