Footage Of Baby Left On The Mall Floor Ignites Huge Debate Around Parenting

Footage of a baby left without supervision on a mall food court floor has ignited a debate around proper parenting.

The now-viral TikTok video shows the baby’s supposed parents sitting at a table at the mall. The baby can be seen lying on the floor next to them.

The two are talking while the baby rolls on the floor and moves its hands around.

Many have reshared the clip, adding their own opinions as to what is happening in the video.

The original video was shared by user Jaygunna (@wclipsto), with the caption:

“Lady lays her baby on the floor in the food court #fyp #xyzbca #crazy #baby.”

In the clip, Jaygunna films herself before pointing the camera at the couple and their baby.

As she then walks away from the scene, she says:

“Like are they for real, for real? Or for fake? Like real life?”


Lady lays her baby on the floor in the food court #fypシ #xyzbca #crazy #baby

♬ original sound – Jaygunna

One TikTok user made a video in response to the original video, saying:

“So, I’m no expert in parenting. I know I’m not a perfect parent by any means, but please do not do this with your baby, with your child, put them on a public floor, especially a food court.

I don’t care how often they clean those floors and how sanitised those floors are, you just don’t do that okay.”


I don’t understand @wclipsto #parenting #parentsoftiktok #babies #dont #momsoftiktok #mom #HPRadicalReuse #WelcomeBack #ChiliDogYumPlz

♬ original sound – Mamatiktok

One person said in the comments:

“I put my babies on the floor only at home but had a blanket down. Never in a public place.”

Another wrote:

“I would have 1000% said something. Nevermind the germs, someone would easily not see where they are walking and trip over the baby and hurt them.”

A third commented:

“I agree but at the same time, the mom looks young. Maybe she doesn’t know better? I’m hoping it’s just a lack of common sense.”

People also noticed that there was no stroller or any other equipment for the child, which prompted them to doubt the couple’s ability to care for the baby.

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