Florida woman, 78, on probation after attacking Burger King employee with a Whopper and using the N-word

The racist Florida woman who threw a Whopper at a Burger King employee has been sentenced to probation. 

Credits: Reuters

Judith Black, a 78-year-old woman from Florida, was charged with a misdemeanor after harassing a Burger King employee. As Unilad reports, the incident occurred on April 30.

The woman’s rage was aimed at Tapraisha Brown, a 23-year-old Burger King staff member. Black allegedly complained about the thickness of the tomato in her burger, but when Brown advised her to calm down, things got serious.

The moment the employee turned her back, the elderly woman threw her Whopper at her, telling her to “shut up,” using a series of racial slurs. As per The Smoking Gun, when the cops arrived, Black admitted to calling the worker a “stupid black b*tch” and using the N-word several times. She explained the reason for her appalling behavior was that the employee was doing nothing to fix the issue.

According to police reports, the encounter was recorded by the fast-food restaurant’s security cameras. 

Credits: Sumter County Sheriff

Initially, Black was charged with an enhanced felony battery count due to her use of racist language. However, prosecutors later decided to move the case to a lower court for disposition as a misdemeanor.

On July 20, during a court hearing, the 78-year-old entered a no-contest plea and was sentenced to 12 months probation. What’s more, she was fined $785 and ordered to attend anger management classes. Additionally, Judge Paul Militello barred her from returning to the Florida Burger King restaurant and from trying to contact Brown.

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