Florida man threatens black teens saying they ‘Don’t belong’ in the neighborhood while being in front of their own house

Another footage of a white resident racially abusing black people has recently gone viral.

Shockingly, this time the victims are children.

In Florida, a man was caught on camera hurling racial threats at teens in front of their own house, Comic Sands reports. The white resident told the children they ‘don’t belong’ in the neighborhood where they live. Understandably, the disturbing video got the Internet absolutely inflamed.

The incident happened in Wellington, Florida. Initially, the man was following 15-year-old Breonna Nelson-Hicks and her friends in his car. As they reached Breonna’s home, he pulled over and started yelling at the kids. That’s when one of the girls took her phone and started recording the upsetting situation.

After the man notices they’ve been recording him, he says:

“I don’t care if you take my picture, because you don’t belong in this development.”

Then, he firmly insists on knowing the kids’ names and addresses. To this, one of the girls replies: ‘Why would we tell you any of this?’, clearly aware they are not obligated to share any personal data with him.

After the teens refuse to share any of the demanded information, the visibly older man threatens them with an ill-fitted language.

“Okay, not a problem, I’m gonna call the gate [security] and have you all arrested.
You do not deserve to be in here.

Obviously upset about the situation and afraid of the threatening man, Breonna then leaves the scene to get her grandfather for help.

Image credits: PalmBeachPost/YouTube

Meanwhile, the man continues berating the girls, one of whom responds:

“Okay but you’re coming at 15-year-olds.”

Clearly, the man doesn’t care, as he obnoxiously says:

“Because you’re 15 years old, you could marry in Mississippi or Alabama.”

Then, the shocking video ends with Breonna’s grandfather, Tony Hicks, coming out and demanding an explanation from the man for why he threatened the girls.

Instead of admitting he yelled at the children and intimidated them, the white man, whose name is not revealed, tries to deny everything. 

Nelson-Hicks’ grandfather told the local media The Palm Beach Post that when hid granddaughter burst through the door amid the incident, she was ‘hysterical’. She was shaken by the strange man’s threats.

Mr. Hicks shared he’s been living in this community for 33 years, and his family was one of the first Black families to move into the development. He claimed he would not let this racial-based incident be swept under the rug.

“It’s not going away. I can’t let it die… People aren’t understanding what’s going on.”

Following the disturbing scene, both Mr. Hicks and the white man filed police reports with the Palm Beach Sheriff’s Office. However, no arrest has been made.

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