Fear Of The Unknown Is Messing With Your Life

Fear Of The Unknown Is Messing With Your LifeThe fear of living in a constantly unpredictable environment can cause stress, lead to other psychological problems such as depression and sadness and even to physical problems. The uncertainty of the future makes life seem dangerous and the surrounding world to look unpleasant. People tend to believe that they must have control over the situation. That’s why they write plans and try to put things “in order” but when something unexpected happens, they make decisions based on their doubts. And while some of us manage to live a balanced and peaceful life, the majority of people have to deal with the fear of the unknown every day. But what is the true nature of this fear? And what can we do about it?
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Today people are afraid of everything. Whether we talk about global issues or problems of everyday life, personal health or national security, science or religion, people always find something be fearful of. We have working economies but fear for our money and experience financial crises every now and again. We build weapons but then we have fear of possible wars. We develop new technologies but fear their effect on modern society. And of course, there is the media that brings those scary subjects right in our homes. The world seems more dangerous than ever before.
People focus a great amount of their energy on issues concerning their security, or should I say, the lack of it. Fear is in the human nature and it spreads from real threats questioning our existence to imaginative situations that affect us on a daily basis. We doubt medicine and fear deceases. We don’t trust the government and the very system we’ve created. But then, we hesitate to change it. We lock our doors and put alarms as a protective measure against robbery. We are so superstitious that we even fear certain numbers would do harm to us in the future. And when one cannot find the answer, they turn to their Gods and pray for salvation.

Fear of the unknown is an old concept that tears our society apart. Perhaps one of the scariest questions that bothers the majority of people is about death and what happens next. Still, not knowing the answers shouldn’t frighten us but excite us. Otherwise, why don’t we fear birth. After all, it’s more or less the same experience.
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One is in the past and the other – in the future, but focusing on any of these parts of life distracts us from something quite important. We are constantly worried about the future and we simply forget to enjoy the moment and act in the present. We carry the notion that we live at risk and cultivate a culture of fear.


Fear of the unknown is a common phenomenon with human beings and is an interesting condition in most of us, where we find ourselves stressed while thinking about something we are not familiar with. There is a variety of reasons for people to be scared but there are two main ones that sustain such condition – overthinking and negative attitude.
People who are fearful place great importance on problems they find bothering. They miss the fact that these fears are real for as long as they think they’re real. The initial factor for creating problems is in their heads. Overthinking leads to hesitation and distraction rather than focusing on finding solutions. Thus, people prevent themselves from exploring new possibilities which impacts on their personality and behavior.

Negative thoughts correspond to negative feelings. Such attitude can cloud one’s judgement and vision. This results in decreasing confidence and in an inability to make decisions. People who criticise or argue are more likely to become depressed. They often feel helpless because their reality doesn’t meet their expectations.The unpredictable world seems cold and unpleasant. Fear is a dangerous state of mind which can seriously impact on one’s psychology and overall health.


Fear keeps us constantly concerned about the future. We need to gain control over the situation and focus on the present. Put aside any doubts and remove negative thoughts about the fear of unknown so that all that is left is sound judgement and simple logic.
Clearing the mind restores the mental and physical peace. This can be successfully achieved through meditation. Stress is replaced by creative imagination which combined with the right attitude can definitely solve part of the problem. Fear is a choice. Once you change your thinking you can look at the situation from another perspective. So it is proper attitude that presents new possibilities and makes us look for solutions.
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People who are fearful miss the courage to explore new concepts. So we have to turn the unfamiliar into familiar, or in other words get acquainted with the problem. For example, lots of people are afraid of starting their own businesses because they’d miss the security of their old jobs. Read more, ask for advice and try to be prepared as much as you can. It will reduce fear and make you more decisive to get things done. And of course, stay positive and enjoy life.

Overcoming the fear of the unknown is connected to the conscious and clear mind. It is the key to a balanced and peaceful life that gives the much-needed relief.

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