After his father’s passing, this boy earned more than $40,000 from a lemonade stand to treat his mom on a date

Only a day after the death of his father, a young boy decided to set up a lemonade stand in order to raise enough money to take his mom out on a date.

Six-year-old Brady Campbell, from Denver, Colorado, wanted to honor his dad’s death wish and take his mother, Amanda out on a date night. His father tragically passed away from colon cancer on July 7.

But with no money at hand, Brady had to be inventive if he wanted to achieve his noble goal. And as it turned out, his business idea was a major success.

Brady told Fox 31 about a conversation he had with his dad before his passing:

“My dad and I came up with the idea of a lemonade stand to take my mom on a date because I didn’t have enough money and I wanted to pay, so I did it.”

Brady set up his lemonade business earlier in July, and in no time caught the attention of a police officer, who then made a call to other first responders.

Eventually, firefighters in trucks and police vehicles showed up to get some of Brady’s special lemonade. That day, the stand made an impressive $244, and it was just the beginning.

“It was amazing. You could just feel the warmth and energy and such a positive thing in such a tragic time for us. It really lifted our spirits and really made Brady so happy.

Brandon was a savvy businessman and wanted to teach Brady all those lessons, and I could just [see] it happening. It made my heart really happy.”, Amanda said according to Fox31.

A web version of Brady’s lemonade stand has recently been established through GoFundMe, and donations going towards cancer research and future outings for the mother and son have reached $41,313, with a goal of $ 50,000.

“Maybe we will have our Friday night date night. Brandon and I used to do that, so I think we will start that and take the time to spend that time together,

I feel like [the lemonade stand] gives some purpose to such a tragedy.”, Amanda told Fox 31

For their first night out Brady and his mother plan to treat themselves with sushi and ice cream. The little businessman plans to make their date night a weekly thing.

You can watch ABC’s report on the story in the video below:

If you wish to donate to Brady’s lemonade stand you can do so here.

What are your thoughts on this young boy’s noble endeavor? Let us know in the comment section below.

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