Father Panics After His Wife Switches Their Baby Girl For Another Baby In Prank

A dad almost had a panic attack after his wife swapped their baby girl for another baby in a crazy prank to check whether he would notice the difference.

Kat Stickler from Florida shared the hilarious prank video on social media, where she said she also received help from another mother and her baby to trick her husband, Mike.

The video opens up with Kat showing her 1-year-old baby, MK, introducing her as ‘baby number one’. She then shows the second baby, she refers to as ‘baby number two’. Both of them are dressed identically.

And then comes the swap.

“Now for the baby swap,’ Kat says. ‘Here’s baby number one [MK] and we’re going to switch her with baby number two.”

The mother sets up the recording device and then brings her baby’s stroller into the room, leaving it in front of her husband.

“Can you get her out of her stroller please?” she asks Mike before walking out.

The unsuspecting dad sits in front of the stroller and confusedly looks at the baby in front of him for a few seconds. He then gets up from his seat and leans towards the baby to take her off the stroller.

“This is not our baby. What are you? This is not our baby,” Mike shouts in panic.

Kat can then be heard saying:

“What do you mean?”

In the meantime, Mike is trying to remove the safety belt from the unfamiliar baby.

“Katherine! This is… what are you… is this a prank?’ he asks. “Whose baby is this? Are you pranking me right now? Where is MK?”

Mike then desperately tries to make sense of what is happening while shouting ‘this is not our baby’, before asking Kat:

“You went to the park, right?”

Kat remains silent as her husband keeps on panicкing.

“This is not our baby! Katherine this is not our baby, this is not funny,” he yells. ‘Where is MK?’

This is where the mother starts laughing and comes clean.

‘I’m pranking you, I’m sorry!’

While calming down, Mike says:

“That’s not funny! Oh my god that’s not funny! This is not our baby. Whose baby is this?”

…to which Kat laughingly replies:

“It’s Shannon’s, she’s right outside,’ while Mike sits down in relief, with his head in his hands.

“My heart is beating so fast, I thought you literally lost our child,” he says, before starting to laugh himself.


Why did I think he wouldn’t notice 🤦🏻‍♀️ #coupleprank #momsoftiktok #4u #fyp #reaction

♬ original sound – Kat

People on social media also gave their opinions on the video.

One person wrote:

“I love that his first instinct is to pick her up and protect her. Like he thought his kid is missing and still [thought]: “Oh this poor other baby though!”

Another said:

“I love that he still picked her up and held the baby even though it wasn’t his cause someone still needs to take care of the imposter baby.”

Some ugly comments came from people who talked about how ‘low the bar is set for men’, with one writing:

“The bar for men is so low that the fact that he knows what his baby looks like is so impressive to us.”

Another person added:

“I’m confused [about] people acting so surprised that he was so caring for another baby. What else were people expecting?”

The video amassed a whopping 11.9 on TikTok, and sadly it is the last of a series of videos shared by Kat and Mike as a couple.


♬ original sound – Kat

The two are now separated and have been documenting their attempt to find ways to co-parent their daughter in these new circumstances.

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